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Omnia - Chemicals - Omnia Group, Bulk mining explosives, Electronic detonator, Emulsion explosive, Delta Caps, Underground pumpable emulsion

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  • HappyGrillMore - VERY LOUD but........

    Received unit early. To make sure battery was fully charged I plugged into AC with supplied cord. Turned on and everything powered up. Display said battery was full. Unpluged and turned back on with battery power. Powered on for 2 seconds and then off. Left plugged in to AC overnight. Turned on next day with battery power. Came on for 1 second and off. Pulled the battery out of the bottom compartment and hooked up my meter. Dead. Contacted ION and they said a new battery will be shipped immediately. Unit has a 90 day warranty. Plugged unit back in with AC and connected my ipod with the included Bluetooth feature. Paired instantly no problem. But then the music flowed and my excitement was diluted. True enough this unit is Very Loud. Problem is the tweeters are very tinny, there is no mid-range as there is no mid-range speakers and the Bass is rather muddy. If Ion adds a couple mid-range speakers these shortcomings will not be as significant. So if you want to go Loud and don't mind the clarity disparity this unit kicks butt at a reasonable price.

  • Tonya - That really sucked but I must say it works well

    I must say that it was very runny which I squeezed almost half the bottle on the floor. That really sucked but I must say it works well. People ask me how much weight have I lost all the time. So I figured it must be working. This is my routine: I apply this on every morning before I put on my waist trainer. I walk 5 to 6 miles everyday. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my waist line. I went form 52" to 41" in 3 weeks of doing this. I am on my way to my goal of a 28" waistline thanks to this product & my waist trainer.

  • buen chapin - So-So movie, but bloody brilliant Special FX

    Alas, this is just the same apocalyptic/doomsday scenario as "The Day after Tomorrow", but recycled. Too bad, that the goddamn politicians and the millionaires are the "chosen" people to preserve the continuation of the human race. Go figure! The acting is quite good, but many scenes are cheesy, cloying and ridiculous. I hate it, when a serious plot is mixed up or alternates with black humor, out-of-the-context romantic interludes and literally dozens of narrow escape situations. There are so many of these scenes, that it becomes truly annoying and too much to bear. I'd say that, many of the latest American movies are filled with that sort of junk. However, Mr. Emmerich has outdone himself in regards to the Special FX and Computarized animations. These alone, make the movie worth seeing!! The Special effects are awesome and fascinating! The best I've seen in a looooong time. I'm looking forward to watching the movie again as a rental, but purchasing it, well,....I don't know as yet. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, when it arrives at Blockbusters. Five stars for the Special FX and only two stars for the movie!

  • T. Wong - perfect

    i just received this for my 7 mth old son in orange and it is perfect! the seating is nicely padded, the metal arms that anchor to the tabletop feels very solid (no moving or shaky parts). this feels like a very solid well-made product. i am anchoring this to our kitchen table in place of his bouncer so he has a place to hang out while i cook, it will be an useful item when we travel or eat out as well. the only complaint i could have is the underside arms that spin and lock the chair in place could spin more easily to make anchoring this chair to tables much faster but that is a really really small inconvenience. i am extremely pleased with this product, definitely well-worth the price!

  • ashley C - Smooth feet at home!

    This works wonderfully! I used it on my feet which are always tough and it gave me that just got a pedicure feel all from home. It was easy to install the batteries and use. I would purchase for gift sets. This is a wonderful product and works VERY well!

  • KimberlyM - Love the toner, hate the new bottle!

    I love the toner, but hate the new spray bottle! It doesn't spray that good to properly cover your face. It's so much more of an effort. I ended up pouring the new product in my old bottle, so much better. The packaging looks nice, but isn't cutting it....back to the cutting board! I also wanted to add that the toner has a wonderful fresh citrus scent. It's hydrating, but not oily and has done wonders for my acne/cystic prone skin!