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  • Mary Petty - Love My Gazelle

    I am enjoying the Gazelle so much, It's not real demanding,but boy can you get a workout. Really recommend it.

  • Tonya - Works Wonders

    I used this after suffering from chronic infections. I would take antibiotics for a bacterial infection but would eventually have another infection. It felt like a never ending circle between fungal and bacterial infections. This helped tremendously. It also is a great great remedy for a sore and inflamed throat. I've had tonsillitis 3x this year. I developed inflammation again recently and opted to try this. NSAIDs did not help a lot. I took this and within an hour my throat was no longer swollen. I spent 3 days before taking this having difficulty swallowing. It was stunning how much it helped and I didn't want anymore antibiotics, s now I do not have to.. I would recommend this for things such as the common cold, URI, and all things -itis as it helps with inflammation. It also helps enhance the effects of other herbal remedies. (E.g. Combined with echinacea) choose goldenseal ROOT over other products that may be made from the leaf.

  • jmowreader - Not big enough, but attractive and durable

    After Gov. Romney's scintillating performance at last night's debate, I rushed right out and bought one of these.

  • Silverdog - I love the way my skin looks after using this product

    I love the way my skin looks after using this product. The bottle is smaller than the other face washes I've used in the past. However, a little goes a long way with this. I made the mistake of using the "Normal" amount that I'm used to using with my other face wash. It was too much. My face foamed up as if I was at a Rave Foam Party. Thank goodness I was in the shower and not trying to wash my face at the sink. Later that evening I remembered to use a tad bit less. It was still a lot! I didn't get all soapy like the first try, but it was still a lot. Remember, a little goes a long way. I would say the appropriate amount would be a pea size or slightly more. But not more than a dime size. I thought a dime size was still too much. Most vitamin C products leave my skin red and sometimes sensitive to other products. This wash didn't cause any irritation. I was able to use my vitamin c serum after and I didn't even feel a tingle. Some of my other facial soaps don't jive with my after care products. I suffer from adult acne and have been on everything possible to clear my skin. I use a benzoyl peroxide wash every other night. I needed something non irritating to sub in between my medicated face washes. I think this is my new favorite face wash! Again, the bottle is small but its perfect for traveling and it will last a long time. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. My review of this product was based off my use and opinion on how it worked for me. I rely on REAL reviews when I'm purchasing products on Amazon. I dislike fake reviews and will never steer a customer in the direction of purchasing something that I thought was complete crap. I hope my review was helpful.

  • Ian Flintham - Seems to have worked

    I never purchase software that says will improve your pc etc,but since my laptop started causing me problems,I decided to purchase this program as I saw the advert on tv a few times.After running the program for the first time(it took a few hours)I must say it has improved my pc quite a bit.I,m very impressed with this product,and wouldn,t hesitate in recommending it to anyone.

  • Amazon Customer - Stride Rite once again delivered a great product for an affordable price

    I bought these shoes for my cousin and he loves them. Wears them all day and can't get enough of them. Stride Rite once again delivered a great product for an affordable price.