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PAREXEL Academy - We make Clinical Research happen - Aus- und Weiterbildungsprogramm im Bereich der Klinischen Forschung für naturwissenschaftlich ausgebildete Akademiker.

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  • Harper Haru Chinn - Loving Hallmark 2011 Deluxe

    This is my very first Hallmark Card Studio program, so I can not compare this version (2011) to any other previous version (such as if this program has "missing features" or "no new images/cards/projects"). My experience with this software so far has been nothing but positive.

  • IpMan - Terrific Paint

    Being a big Auto DIY'er I have performed pretty much every job from fixing a windshield to rebuilding a transmission. I've also done my share of painting various pieces of cars to entire cars themselves. I've also gone through several paint changes on wheels as well and have tried several products. The duplicolor wheel paint isn't just any ordinary spray paint, it's designed to hold up to the punishment that wheels are put through everyday. The paint is durable and very chip resistant and a terrifc alternative to powdercoating which I was quoted as $300 per wheel! No thank you! The duplicolor, once it thoroughly dries can be cleaned with regular wheel cleaning products and will not fade or peel like regular spray paint. Thank god for this seller as no one in my area carries the white wheel paint.

  • Michael - Would not recommend

    Was really hard to get it to work like I would like. It was constantly interfering with my computer time. It doesn't learn from your responses to blocks on programs etc that you use daily and know they are safe to use. Just couldn't get it to work for me. I have another product now that works so much better and am enjoying my time on my computer again.

  • Jeannie - Easy to use!

    Does just what it is supposed to do and is easy to use, much easier than using a DVOM. Just plug it in and read the lights. The position of the lights is what one looks for instead of just the color of the lights, which is huge for me since I'm color blind. It's perfect for occasionally checking outlets.

  • Kimmers - is this normal or why it was so bad?

    I had McAfee before with no problems, but this one was a problem from the moment I installed it. It kept telling me there was a problem and would let me know when installed. It took 3 days, and then could not get hardly anything to work. I thought I had a virus. I had to call them because I couldn't even notify through my PC. Six hours of a phone call later and $79 more it was fixed but not near as fast as it used to be. This was the fisrt time I used a card instead of a disc, is this normal or why it was so bad?

  • David Kelley - The phone that was sold to me as unlocked is ...

    The phone that was sold to me as unlocked is asking for a network unlock code.... this is BS, the phone is not actually unlocked. Wireless Everything is not telling the truth about this. If I don't receive any contact I can only conclude that I was taken to the cleaners and my money is down the rat hole.

  • Abigail T. - This DampRid came to me expired and I did not ...

    This DampRid came to me expired and I did not see that there was an expiration date until today. It hasn't soaked up any humidity as I don't see any liquid, which is what I assume I the pellets eventually turn to.