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  • https://www.nextgen.com/Electronic-Health-Records-EHR EHR - Electronic Health Records | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen Ambulatory EHR is an integrated, interoperable electronic health record system that streamlines patient care with standardized, real-time clinical and administrative workflow.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Revenue-Cycle-Management-RCM NextGen RCM Services | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) Services provides consulting and outsourcing for physician billing, collections and claims. We reduce billing and IT worries and optimize revenue.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Practice-Management Practice Management | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen Practice Management Software increases efficiency, revenue, cash flow, reporting compliance, and their bottom line.
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  • https://www.nextgen.com/Managed-Cloud-Services Managed Cloud Services | NextGen Healthcare - See how NextGen Managed Cloud Services help you monitor IT operations, optimize technology use, increase efficiencies, lower costs, and drive higher revenue.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/eServices e-Transaction Services | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen e-Transaction Services reduce claim denials and speed payment with automation and efficiencies so that providers can focus more on care and outcomes.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Consulting-Services Consulting Services | NextGen Healthcare - See how NextGen Healthcare and Mirth experts help users optimize technology investments and meet financial and clinical goals faster.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/MACRA MACRA: MIPS & APMs | NextGen Healthcare - Make sense of the MACRA-proposed value-based payment systems. Your guide to MACRA: MIPS & APMs.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Patient-Engagement Patient Engagement | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen helps you achieve full-circle patient engagement in healthcare. Patient outreach solutions are the new standard for value-based reimbursement.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Health-Reform Health Reform, Meaningful Use, PCMH | NextGen Healthcare - Learn about healthcare regulations, meaningful use, ICD-10, the transition to value-based care, etc.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Replacing-Your-EHR EHR Replacement | NextGen Healthcare - If you're thinking about replacing your electronic health record system join the thousands of providers who have already switched EHRs to NextGen Healthcare.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/EMRvsEHR EMR vs EHR | NextGen Healthcare - EMR vs EHR? What is EMR? Learn why the ONC recommends the use of electronic health records over electronic medical records (EMR).
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Interoperability-Insight Interoperability Insight | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen interoperability solutions, powered by Mirth technology, help ambulatory practices avoid costly data integration/data sharing problems, while achieving interoperability goals with ease.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Value-Based-Reimbursement Value-Based Care & Reimbursement | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen Healthcare provides the solutions, services, and expertise for a successful transition to value-based reimbursement. Deliver measurable, high-quality, value-based care that benefits patients, providers, and payers.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Health-Information-Exchange-HIE Health Information Exchange (HIE) | NextGen Healthcare - NextGen solutions for Health Information Exchanges (HIE) help collect, organise, and aggregate clinical data. Improve care coordination and transitions with improved alerting, notifications, and reports.
  • https://www.nextgen.com/Electronic-Health-Records-EHR/Specialties Specialties | NextGen Healthcare - Choose NextGen Ambulatory EHR for your specialty medical practice. Our electronic health record software solutions support 25+ different medical specialties.
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