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  • Blaine Greenfield - An addictive book that will keep you amused for many hours as you skim through and find fascinating tidbits.

    GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2013 (Bantam Books) by Guinness World Records is an addictive paperback that will keep you amused for many hours as you skim through the pages and find such fascinating tidbits as the following:

  • Lauren - Product is great, but don't buy from Amazon.

    I love Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil, but don't get it on Amazon. I only ordered it on here since I was getting a few other things and didn't feel like running up to the store. When it came it was packaged in a plastic bag (that wasn't closed!) and half of it leaked all over the box. Great product - just not from Amazon.

  • S. Vilotti - Strong smell works well

    Got this product for my wife. She uses it daily even though she objects to the strong smell. It has definitely reduced the little bit of acne on her face. Although she never had a large problem with it, it does work better to keep her skin clear than the mainstream store bought products. She uses it in the shower, but had to replace the pump with an extra one she had from another product. The pump that came with the bottle never worked.

  • Luci L - Excellent product!

    I have tried countless sleep aids, because I rarely am able to fall asleep on my own. I would much rather always use natural products, so when I discovered this and was also able to try it for a promotional price, I was really eager to see if it would work for me. After trying it several times, I can say that it definitely DOES work. When I take these capsules, I feel relaxed and fall asleep easily...gently, and it feels like a natural process-nothing at all like prescription sleeping aids work. There's no strange 'drugged' feeling with these capsules. After taking these, I wake up feeling like I have had a good night's sleep-with NO groggy feeling. As for the appetite suppression, I can't really say, because I take it before going to bed, but I definitely agree with the claims of improving mood and reducing stress. I also sleep through the entire night, which is something I usually never do. I will be repurchasing them again, and I completely recommend these for anyone who has a tough time switching off at night, and wants something that isn't going to leave them feeling dazed and hung-over the next morning.