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  • J. Mcfarland - I might like it if I could get it loaded

    I might like it if I could get it loaded!!!! Received the key, went to download as instructed, can't get into my account at MS. I didn't even know I had an account at MS! Now its just running me in circles--hate it hate it hate it! Whatever happened to just sending an installation CD??

  • SchoolEvaluators - Excellent value

    As others have written, this mouse worked perfectly right out of the box. Set up was as simple as inserting the USB thingy. As soon as I touched the mouse it was working and it has worked flawlessly since. For the price it has a really good feel and I can't think of anything more I would want from a mouse.

  • chillyphilly - Fit great. Haven't used them yet so I'm not sure ...

    Fit great. Haven't used them yet so I'm not sure about the wind noise I've heard complaints about. As the one person mentioned, they give you more than enough rubber to fill in any gaps.

  • ThatGuy - it is not the DRM, this game is just plainly BORING

    people rating this game at one start because of the DRM are silly. The DRM is the LEAST of the problem. The problem is the game itself.

  • Patricia A. - Let me just say that I have been really disappointed with this car seat

    Ugh, highly overrated. We have a Maxi Cosi Pria for our toddler but because that seat is quite wide, I was looking for a narrower car seat to compensate the width of the Pria, so that we can have access to the third row when we have family over, or sit 3 across in the future.

  • Ai my me - Good product (especially when you can get it cheap)

    works just fine. I had another McCafee product on my PC. When I installed this, it automatically removed old one that was on my computer, which was great! Took 30-40 min to finish uploading - i would say it was kind of slow (I have DSL connection), but it's ok because it works fine.

  • Bruce L. - Argh!! Why is all my s/w unresponsive?? Now I know...

    Today, I logged on to Amazon to renew my subscription of Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus. I was surprized to see such a low average review of 2 1/2 stars. Then I read the reviews. OMG!! Other people who are experiencing what I've been stymied with: "such-and-such is unresponsive". Usually it's been I.E. 8 and my mail client. But it sometimes effects other programs as well. I ran Registry tuners, ran defrag, ran Ccleaner. No avail; the problem would no go away. Like others, I also have a powerful computer, easily running cpu and ram intensive programs. This problem had me stumped. I was ready to wipe and reload my hard drive. Then I read the reviews on this page. PCTools has been my most trusted s/w provider with Spyware Doctor w/ Anti-virus being my favorite utility. But now...no...not any longer. The intense feelings of frustration that I have felt, waiting for my computer to "unfreeze", make me feel betrayed by PCTools. I expect a company of their size and REPUTATION to do a much better job. I'm done with PCTools.