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  • Mark in Texas - Well built!

    Great quality! Holds up very nicely to daily use and the TSA friendly laptop section is extremely convenient!

  • slingbuck - Best MTB pedal ever.

    I went from toe straps to speedplay frogs 18 years ago on my mtb. I have never used any other pedal off road. In all these years I had one pedal have a chunk go missing after slamming it into a rock at Snow Shoe WV (I have been to snowshoe 20+ times but never in the winter! I guess they ski there in the winter or something?) I could see the bearing in the pedal after this impact but I kept riding it all weekend with no problems..........that is hardcore. The pedal body stayed together! The cleats can be a pain to set up for first time users and you may not like the ice like float at first but after a couple rides you will never use anything else. I have two pairs right now that I have no idea how long ago I got them. I have wore the engagement ring on the body down to nothing and they are starting to release a little too soon. They are 6+ years old each. I ride a lot and in sand that is hard on everything. I go through about 1 set of cleats a year. Buy the stainless ones. Best value for your money.

  • Tremortime - Great Taco Sauce

    Ever since the Chi Chi's taco meat tubs have been virtually discontinued, we have been looking for a suitable replacement. This is pretty close in terms of quality, and really excellent!