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  • Insulin Resistance Diet: How to turn off your body's fat... - Insulin Resistance Diet: How to turn off your body's fat...

    I'm so glad I found this book! My mother is overweight and for years doctors simply told her to eat less. However, she eats very little, excercises constantly and continues to gain weight. She's tried several diets and the results have always been minimal. Finally, one doctor said she might be insulin resistant. This book clearly details how your body's metabolic system can function more effectively by linking protein with carbohydrates at every meal. Unlike other diets that ask you to eliminate carbohydrates, which is unhealthy, this book tells you how to effectively keep carbohydrates in your diet. Some great recipes are also included. This book is better than a diet! It tells you how to successfully boost your metabolism with the foods that you eat!

  • Reader - This is a GREAT program! Let me explain...

    Let's say you, like me, want to learn Spanish. You go to PimsleurApproach dot com and find that you can get their "Spanish Quick and Simple" for $9.95. AND they have a great video intro (which is 100% accurate: I've been doing Pimsleur Approach ("P.A.") for two years now) as to why Pimsleur works SO WELL and why, even tho you're plenty smart, you've never been able to learn a language fluently. It tells how book learning will NEVER get you "hooked" and will never get you fluent at ALL. As we all have experienced.

  • Kant - Rogaine works!

    The hair is thicker at the crown of my head. I have definitely not lost any more hair since I began 3 months ago. Now I am starting to move down to the front of the head where they say it has not been shown to work- its worth a shot though!