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  • http://www.marylandbids.com/business-news/ Maryland Project and Business News - Latest news on planned or ongoing projects and business developments in Maryland
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359818-hydropneumatic-water-tank-painting.html Bid on Hydropneumatic Water Tank Painting in California | Maryland Bid Network - Paint and repair the Wildewood #1 8,000 gallon hydropneumatic water storage tank. Work is to include surface preparation and painting of the exterior and interior; installation of equipment; and performance of various repairs. The work includes the removal of paint containing lead on the tank exterior.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359804-replace-glass-bwi-daily-garage.html Bid on Replace Glass BWI Daily Garage in Glen Burnie | Maryland Bid Network - Replace glass at international airport (BWI) at the daily garage 7th floor stairwell.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359691-design-for-bumed-building-1600.html Bid on Design for BUMED Building 1600 in NSF Indian Head, MD | Maryland Bid Network - Expedited design for BUMED, Building 1600. AE Design services to add/modify existing criteria.Additional PCAS services
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359688-hyperworks-units.html Bid on Hyperworks Units in Patuxent River | Maryland Bid Network - Pre and Post Processor and Solvers Promotional Package Annual Lease, Hyperworks Units - Maint
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359361-sources-sought-for-minitaur-quadrupedal-legged-robotic-platform.html Bid on Sources Sought for Minitaur Quadrupedal Legged Robotic Platform in Adelphi | Maryland Bid Network - MiniTaur quadrupedal legged robotic platform. MiniTaur Quadrupedal robotic system used to conduct legged robotics research in order to develop unique gait control methodology. The MiniTaur quadrupedal robotic platform is required as it must collaborate with existing gaits and models currently in place at ARL.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7359292-exterior-window-painting-at-the-maryland-state-house.html Bid on Exterior Window Painting At the Maryland State House in Maryland State House, Annapolis | Maryland Bid Network - Prepping and painting of one hundred and thirty (131) state house windows and the removal of lead based paint on forty-nine (49) window sills. Work is to include the prepping and painting of all components which make up the exterior side of the windows.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7357823-printing-and-mailing-of-the-dllr’s-annual-rate-notice.html Bid on Printing and Mailing of the DLLR’s Annual Rate Notice in Baltimore | Maryland Bid Network - Printing and Mailing of Annual rate notice letter.This contract will be for one year, with letters under the Purchase Order to be mailed on January 17, 2017.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7357786-hauling-of-fill-material-from-various-locations-to-masonville-dmcf.html Bid on Hauling of Fill Material from Various Locations to Masonville DMCF in Millersville | Maryland Bid Network - Provide hauling of fill material from various locations to the dredged material containment facility.
  • http://www.marylandbids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7357772-mt-bank-stadium-sound-system-replacement.html Bid on M&T Bank Stadium Sound System Replacement in Baltimore | Maryland Bid Network - Sound system replacement and design stadium. Review and evaluate existing sound system; Consult with MSA and the Ravens to determine the project scope of work; Provide construction administration services.

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  • Daniel A. Litvack - I did NOT like it....

    Perhaps this works for some, but I found it VERY difficult to use on the tire rims. The spray goes everywhere so you must cover EVERY inch you don't want to paint including, but not limited to, the tire. In addition, I found the spray was FAR too wide and uneven. It was either too thick or WAY too thin. I ended up having to remove the horrible job it did and simply purchase a can of touch up silver, metallic paint.

  • Jonathan J. Kalinowski - Great product and saw results within a couple of days

    Great product and saw results within a couple of days. These products hurts some peoples teeth after uses, but don't worry! Incrementally reduce the amount of time you leave the strips on until they do not hurt your teeth anymore. Its a great product and I recommend to everyone.

  • RC Logan - Want to watch Dwayne Johnson? Wait for San Andreas

    OK, this is about average I would say for a Hercules movie, but not for a Dwayne Johnson flick. The motley collection of heroes seems to be taken from an assortment of Greek myths and legends most of which have very little to do with each other or with Hercules. This assortment of mercenaries more or less led by Hercules is hired to save a country. Saying more would spoil what little suspense there is in the story.

  • ejw2010 - Only one thing missing...

    I want to love this book. I really do. I love the information it provides, I love the chemistry in it, it's great.

  • Donnie - works great, light is bright

    OMG.. the 70s are back!!!!! works great , light is bright. I received this item in exchange for my honest review

  • New Sole Dec 31 2010 - Very nice machine - I'm anxious to really use it now

    We just received our Sole E55 on 12/30/10 and finished the assembly yesterday. Also if you haven't purchased your machine yet, I highly recommend you go to Sears or Dicks and check the models out. We wish we had purchased the E95 simply for the padded footrests and the larger flywheel. Even so, the E55 is a smooth machine.

  • BigBadBookworm - This thermometer is very easy to use and very user friendly

    I bought this for my 3yr old Son. He runs warm naturally and is not patient with the ear thermometer we have used in the past. Plus I never felt it was giving a reliable reading. Seemed different each time. This thermometer is very easy to use and very user friendly! You need to be careful with the "eye" and also ensure you swipe from temple to temple. I wish I had this when my Son was an infant! So easy to use, even while they are sleeping. The ear method on this thermometer is excellent - very accurate and an instant read!