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  • Double Ought Bill - Very sub-par software

    TaxACT customer service staff pointed out that if TaxACT had been purchased through Amazon.com, that downloading of the state program would be "difficult". For me, it proved impossible. Had to download TaxACT outside Amazon, get a refund for the earlier Amazon download in order to get the VA state return to load. TaxACT never did pull in my prior year return from TurboTax. Also, didn't prompt for carried-forward long-term capital losses/gains - a game changer. To repeat, it didn't even ask, and since pulling in the prior year's return didn't happen, if I hadn't noticed the error, it would have cost thousands, literally. All in, a very sub-par piece of software. Would advise extreme caution in purchasing this software, and would strongly recommend NOT purchasing it through Amazon unless you live in a no-income tax state.

  • Angel DeVeau - I bought this for my school bag, I anticipated ...

    I bought this for my school bag, I anticipated the foggy "milky" look it would give my bag, but it has made my bag disgustingly sticky, and any time I touch it, it makes my fingers feel sticky afterwards.

  • Charlemagne - Useful, great map

    Useful, great map. Some recommendations didn't live up to their review, but overall, I'd recommend to get if you need a compact resource for getting around HK.

  • Derek Dysart - Save your money

    Starting to think they bought all of the 5 star reviews. This thing is plugged into an outlet on my patio, and I can see mosquitos flying inches from it as I swat them. It does nothing except have a blue light that alerts you that you were a sucker to buy it.