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    City: -71.2047 Massachusetts, United States

  • Justin B. - Works great!!

    I bought this because it seemed like a nice quality product and wasn't too expensive. My daughter wanted to give me a "make-over" and this was one of her requests. It turns hard and crusty just like mud does and wipes off easily. If was fun spreading it on each others faces and I didn't have to worry about a mess because it cleans up easy. It also made my skin feel very soft with is a bonus!

  • David J. Caolo - Fully weaponized Gummy Bears

    I bought a bag because I'm trying to cut down on sugar. It seems Haribo has replaced the sucrose in a typical batch of Gummy Bears with colon-shredding rage. Just a couple of handfuls left me crying for my mommy on the bathroom floor (I am 43 years old).

  • Susan K. Edwards - Best so far ... but not perfect

    I am probably looking for perfect which I do not think is out there .. I am 62 years of age and where my skin isn't terrible .. I probably am looking for my skin to be of a 40 year old which is NOT going to happen .. I know it looks younger than I am .. just want miracles I think .. however, it has improved it .. just not as much as I wish it would .. now, again .. it is good enough tha I am NOT going to change at this time and have already ordered a 2nd tube ... they are good products .. I recommended them to my 70 yr old sister as well as my almost 40 year old daughter .. they both are using them as well.

  • ak764 - BUY, BUY, BUY IT!!!!

    I really like this product! If you use it correctly it makes your skin look really polished and I have ordered more than one and use it for special events. Unlike their day cream and eye cream I really like this product enough to encourage others to buy it. It's amazing how well it peels the skin! Note, after peeling it may be hard to get a lot of the dead skin off, use a light exfoliating cleanser afterwards for magnificently glowing skin! I hope that this review was helpful for you.

  • Nick - No Issues Here

    My wife and I purchased the Sole E35 in May after doing several months of research and testing. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers, the box IS heavy. However, the box is heavy because it contains a heavy duty elliptical machine, and the box isnt So heavy that 2 people cant move it inside a house and up a flight of stairs. (Why are you complaining about having to lift it anyway, isnt the point of the elliptical to get you in better shape? Consider this a pre cardio workout!) Im not the most mechanical guy in the world but the directions were easy to follow and we had the elliptical together in under 3 hours. It worked fine until August and then we began noticing a Thunk Thunk Thunk when we used it. I had read several reviews that stated the customer service was awful and people kept getting "the run-around." I emailed Sole directly and within 2 hours had received a call from Sole stating they would send the parts. The parts arrived within 3 days from Fed Ex without incident. The repair specialist called and scheduled the appointment within 7 days. Repair specialist arrived 15 minutes early and had the problem solved in less than 60 minutes. The machine works like new again and there was no charge. I have to say we are very pleased and happy with the service we received from Sole and their repair partners. I would have rated it 5 out of 5 stars if we hadnt had to have the repairman out, but overall we highly recommened it.

  • selinasmedley - The absolute worst.

    I have been cleaning houses professionally for almost 11 years and I have watched floor after floor being ruined by this product. Heed my warning: your floor will need to be refinished by year 2 or sooner if you use this. Vinegar/Water is the ONLY way to keep your hard or engineered wood clean without haze or dulling.