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  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30491672/complaint-against-da-goes-nowhere Complaint against DA goes nowhere - Julesburg Advocate - An attempt to fire a shot across the bow of District Attorney Brittny Lewton's re-election campaign has turned out to be a dud.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484299/glad-you-came Glad you Came - Julesburg Advocate -   Republican Commissioner Candidates Don Schneider and Howard McCormick held a “Meet and Greet” reception Monday evening at the D&J Cafe in Julesburg.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484293/vamp-it-up-fall-ball-set-october-29th "Vamp It Up!" FALL BALL set for October 29th! - Julesburg Advocate - By Cheryl Nein Sedgwick County Health Center and Gateway Medical Foundation are preparing for this year's fabulously fun fall ball fundraiser.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484284/church-news Church News - Julesburg Advocate - The Joy Mission  VoteWise, 2016; The United States of America was founded because the people loved God.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484277/we-thank-you We thank you! - Julesburg Advocate -   A reception was held on Tuesday night, October 11, for Sedgwick County’s First Responders the local Girl Scout Troop 72616.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484274/new-kontny-book-available-at-library New Kontny book available at library - Julesburg Advocate -   Vince (locally known as “Larry”) Kontny has published his forth book in the series, “The Life and Times of Vince Kontny.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484271/cougars-fight-points Cougars Fight for Points - Julesburg Advocate -   This week in volleyball. The lady Cougars show noticeable improvement on the score board. While the girls lost all sets this week, the scores show a closer match against both teams.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484269/cougars-prevail-second-half Cougars Prevail in Second Half - Julesburg Advocate -   The Merino Rams really came to play it looked like in the first half of the football game. Merino started the game by scoring first with 8:58 left in the first quarter which they topped off with a field goal.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30418889/deputy-responds-gun-shot-victim Deputy Responds; Gun Shot Victim - Julesburg Advocate -    At approximately 4:30 a.m. on Friday, September 30, the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 500 block of West 1st St.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30491671/sterling-mail-carrier-indicted-by-federal-grand-jury STERLING MAIL CARRIER INDICTED BY FEDERAL GRAND JURY FOR DELAY AND DESTRUCTION OF MAIL - Julesburg Advocate -   DENVER – Tayson Adam Hidalgo, age 22, of Sterling, Colorado, was arrested following the return of a one count indictment by a federal grand jury in Denver charging him with delay or destruction of mail, the U.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/ci_30484294/into-jungle-homecoming-2016 Into the Jungle: Homecoming 2016 - Julesburg Advocate -   The Sedgwick County Cougars will play host to the Caliche Buffaloes this Friday night on the volleyball court and the football field in Julesburg.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/julesburg-lifestyles Julesburg Lifestyles - Julesburg Advocate - In-depth coverage of Julesburg Lifestyle news. Julesburg Lifestyle articles, photos, videos and breaking news for Julesburg, the US and more.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/julesburg-opinion Julesburg Opinion - Julesburg Advocate - In-depth coverage of Julesburg Opinion news. Julesburg Opinion articles, photos, videos and breaking news for Julesburg, the US and more.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/julesburg-opinion/ci_30484276/voice-ag The Voice of Ag - Julesburg Advocate - VOTE YES ON 71 “RAISE THE BAR”  As one of the most conservative Senators in Colorado as evidenced by ratings from the Principals of Liberty and the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, I wanted to share with you why so many people support Amendment 71, also known as “Raise the Bar.
  • http://www.julesburgadvocate.com/julesburg-sports Sedgwick County Youth & Sports - Julesburg Advocate - In-depth coverage of Sports news. Sports articles, photos, videos and breaking news for Julesburg, the US and more.
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