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  • TranceGirl - Truly revolutionary product

    This umbrella is truly amazing. Living in Oregon means a lot of rainy days. One problem is that when you go inside or especially when you get in the car, you still get soaking wet as you are trying to close your umbrellas. This completely changes that. It looks nice, is a great quality. I really like the pattern on the inside (my daughter loved it and said it made her feel like she was in outer space. I love the new handles. Who would have thought something so simple would make such a big difference. It worked for my daughters little hand and my husbands large hand, I also feel like it would make a difference with keeping it secure. I think the biggest difference will be putting my infant son from the house in to the car in the pouring rain. I am truly thrilled with this purchase.

  • lalaorganic - The car seat is super sleek and seems very comfy

    The car seat is super sleek and seems very comfy. I like the unique look but really appreciate the safety reviews. I drive a 2013 Honda Civic so the space in my back is really tight with this but two people can still fit. The straps appear thinner than others so it did twist but once I cleared it it was good. My baby falls asleep in it quite often which is important because I drive in heavy traffic areas and he can go on long rides. The strap cushions are pretty annoying because they're hard to push higher once he's in it because of the side air bags but I think I just need to get used to using it. It's only been less than a month so it may just be me. Overall I like it and think the price was very reasonable.

  • Amos - Great Product!

    I had a persistent belly ache that no doctor could find the source of. I found this product online and gave it a try. It greatly reduced my belly ache. I am now a true believer in Black Seed Oil!

  • Jeremy - safer then fingers

    This kit includes 5 surgical steel tools, each for different types of blemishes. I am fortunate to not have acne, but I get my occasional break outs but I have 3 children that will be teenagers and knew if this worked as stated it would be a life saver. After I washed the day away i put toner on and I only applied just enough pressure to extract all of what was not visible, The tools are high quality, durable and wont rust. I run a alcohol swab to clean the tools when I am done. This is great if you have break outs on your back, chest wherever you need it to remove pimples or black heads. It comes in a nice little handy zippered case to store them away neatly. I have a bad habit of popping my pimples with my hands. Not only does this cause more bacteria, but it is also very painful and leave marks on my face. Since using this blackhead kit, it is a lot easier and less painful to pop stubborn blackheads. This kit comes with five different tools to ensure you get those pimples and blackheads. Always remember to sterilize these tools with alcohol before and after using. Also, you wanted to make sure your face is freshly washed before using on a pimple because if your face is dry, it may be harder and cause more aggravation to the pimple, making the problem worse. It is of good quality and it will be very useful for our house hold daily and weekly securing our assets, it will do the job. The quality is good and the price is a quite competitive than some others on Amazon is very competitive to the retail stores

  • sayuri9 - A cute toy for babies

    I actually got this for my daughter who is now 11 months old. My husband and I took our toddler to an indoor playplace and they had a sensory pool for infants. My daughter absolutely loved it. She had so much fun I went looking for something we could play with at home.

  • Ti Rider - Great, lower priced alternative to the very expensive Hayward T 15 cell

    My original T 15 cell worked for 6 years without being cleaned for the first two. It's replacement worked for exactly four years (and cost a staggering $512). The price has dropped to $409 now but that's still over $100 a year for it's average 4 year lifespan. I started looking for a lower cost alternative. After some research I found Chlorinator Pro. Good reviews at roughly 3/4 price of Hayward T 15 (even better it was on sale directly from the manufacturer - http://chlorinatorpro.com/ so the price was even lower).