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INICIO | Jazmin Creaciones - Encarnación Paraguay - BIENVENIDOS Somos una empresa joven dentro del rubro de la confección, con personal calificado y orientados a satisfacer las exigencias del mercado, brindando atención personalizada. Nos dedicamos a la fabricación de uniformes en general

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  • Jimbo - It's OK - that's it

    This phone has a lot of potential, but is just OK at best. On the plus side the screen display is AWESOME. The picture is bright and the colors are crisp and clear. It takes great pictures outside, but like most phone cameras, is poor in low light conditions. The size and thickness of the phone are great.

  • J. Stephen - Should have a prominent warning

    I was happily paying the bills after working hard all day when I started to feel...weird. I finished my manly duties and then thought I'd go have a beer but ended up at the mall(!). I don't even remember going there, but I knew I had when I found a Cinnabon wrapper in my truck one morning. It turns out my wife had left one of Her pens laying around but I thought it was just a normal pen when I used it to sign checks. Now my friends are getting pissed at me for keeping them on the phone too long and I have to keep fighting the urge to try exotic cheeses. These pens should have a warning label or at least have a pleasant fragrance to warn men away. If I could I'd give it zero stars I would, though I'd probably just hate myself for being so mean.

  • Ruth Valencia - your doggy will love it!!!!god deal fast delivery and easy to assemble

    Got this for my 67lb puppy as he destroyed the other wooden house. This is water proof, and big enough for him. To make it warm we stuff it with all his blankets.the plaatic door covers that are to keep flies off,those keep falling off. I might have the hubby drill them in.

  • Kristy Jones - Just what I had hoped for

    An absolute must buy if you have wanted a Yeti style cup but not the ridiculous high price. Keeps ice and beverage very gold all day. During the week I fill it with ice water in the morning and when I return from work my ice water is waiting and even colder than when I left it. Can't say anything negative. A must purchase!!!