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Iroko Pharmaceuticals - Iroko is dedicated to responsible pain management, with a pipeline of low-dose NSAIDs that are created using proprietary SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology

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  • Carol HuhRaySa - I want to sing from the mountaintops! (for PCOS)

    My OBGYN actually recommended this product for me to treat mild PCOS. I am a 30 yr old female, currently not trying to conceive, but I also do not want to be on birth control. I had really long cycles around 36-39 days long, I would ovulate really late in the cycle around day 19 or 20. I have borderline high testosterone which was causing thinning hair, hair loss, acne, and facial hair. I am also taking other supplements, including biotin (hair loss) and saw palmetto (acne) to help with these other symptoms due to high testosterone. But I was AMAZED at what only 2 months of myo-inositol has done. I wouldn't have even known about it, if it weren't for my OBGYN's suggestion. After 2 months, I had a normal cycle. - 28 days long, ovulating on day 15. I couldn't believe it!!! I may switch over to Jarrow Formulas Inositol Powder to help cut down on the cost and see if I have the same effect. If you deal with PCOS and you want to regulate your cycles without using birth control consider trying out Pregnitude.

  • GreenDoorD503 - Perfect for Pole!

    My pole studio sells Mighty Grip for 20$. I bought this for 7.99 (free shipping) and it has been awesome. I stick really well to the pole and have to reapply only occassionally, just like I did with mighty grip. Great for putting on your hands and inner thighs for a better grip!