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    Best costume ever!! So glad I got this right on time. I'm 5'2", 140lb woman and I ordered standard (there was only standard and plus). It's pretty long and big for me but still work fine! I can't wait to wearing this costume!

  • Apple fanatic - Great iPad Pro case!

    An awesome iPad case. I've had many over the years, and this is by far the best in quality and usefulness--I love the pencil holder as it makes it hard, even for the distracted, to lose the pencil.

  • Andrew Layman - Excellent stories for an Early Reader

    Short, literate stories, each with a moral, allowing a child to get the idea of drawing a generalization from a story. The brevity makes them understandable as wholes and a manageable size for older children to read (my four-year-old child finds them interesting enough to motivate her reading and short enough to permit success). My favorite editions of these tales place one fable and illustration per page. More at strongbrains.com.

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    Incredible! Tremendous reduction in dandruff just after applying two times. I would definitely recommend this

  • Amazon Customer - Completely useless led comb

    completely useless unless you want to suntan the hairs on your head , maybe its a good workout by holding your arms above your head for ages