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Innovative Healthcare Solutions | Halyard Health - Halyard Health is a medical technology company that provides healthcare solutions focused on preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery.

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  • http://www.halyardhealth.co.uk/products/surgical-solutions/halyardstar-surgical-gowns.aspx Surgical Gowns - Surgical Solutions | Halyard Health - Halyard brings more choice than ever in surgical gowns that provide the critical balance of properties including barrier protection, flame resistance, lint and abrasion resistance.
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  • Harrison Reich - No Mac Version!

    I think that it is completely ridiculous that there is a mac version of all other turbotax software except this one. Do they really think that small business partnerships don't use macs? You would think that since 2013 is in the title of the software they would realize what year it is and know that a smaller business (one that would have a use for turbo tax) is probably one that uses Mac.

  • tippy50 - Product is a hoax!!

    This stuff is a hoax and the second product that I have tried that I heard about on the Dr Oz show that is a hoax!!! Don't waste your money.

  • wit_11 - This stuff is great

    I have been using this taffy for over a year now and love it. It tames frizz, and also helps guide styling. This taffy doesn't make your hair look oily or wet at all. The smell is also wonderful. Just a little on your fingertips does the trick. This container will last a LONG time. I highly recommend this stuff- it's excellent.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth it!

    Love these floor matts! Keeps the floor in my vehicle very clean and they are also easy to clean! Worth the money!

  • claimjumper - effective in lowering total cholesterol

    After taking it for one month, my total cholesterol dropped by 40 points. I had been taking the slow-release niacin and I wasn't seeing any results, so I switched to this and it worked like a champ. I take one in the morning after my oatmeal and one at night after dinner and I find the flush doesn't last very long and is tolerable.

  • Namatassa - I have used this for near 10 years

    I am a male who previously worked in the desert for years. Determined not to look like those around me I began using this a long time ago and have never found it's equal. After bathing, with either hands or face slightly wet, a tiny dab is enough then to cover the entire face and ears (don't want old man ears either!).

  • Rebecca Voelkerding - Bait and switch ALERT

    I was curious about this book, and I thought I would give it a try for $0.99. The beginning was so much like the Twilight books that I did not find it very interesting. But then they put a little twist in the main story and I became interested again. Imagine my surprise when I finally got a little bit interested but then found out that the "book" ended there and if I wanted to find out what else happened, I had to BUY THE NEXT BOOK! And then when I looked it up, there are FOUR more books to buy after this first one -- just to read the whole story. I think that stinks.