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Bienvenue sur Groupe PIM - Le Groupe Pim Sarl est une évolution du GIE Pim connu de beaucoup d’entre vous pour avoir développé ses services localement depuis 2008, date de sa création.

  • http://www.groupe-pim.com/index.php/nos-services/informatique/cablage-reseau-et-maintenance Solutions informatiques pour les professionnels - Cablage réseaux PIM possède une solide expertise de conception et d’implantation de réseaux de câblage structuré. Que ce soit pour la voix et/ou les d...
  • http://www.groupe-pim.com/index.php/qui-sommes-nous QUI SOMMES-NOUS - Le Groupe Pim Sarl est une évolution du GIE Pim connu de beaucoup d’entre vous pour avoir développé ses services localement depuis 2008, date de sa cr...

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  • Lavonda Johnson - Great product!

    I have tried several over the counter acne body washes. This one works! Keeps my back clear! I try not to run out!

  • hayley - Not recommended

    I purchased this book as a quick review for the TEAS V. I have already taken my nursing prerequisites and have a BS in science, and purchased this book as a refresher for any basics that I may have forgotten. Having said that, I would not recommend this book if you are unsteady in any of your basics, or are having trouble with one of the sections. This book was very vague in regards to some of the body systems that it covered, and asked questions that it did not cover in detail or give explanations for. What I would like to primarily note, however, is the number of situations where I found or read misinformation on a topic. This book did not just contain typos, but completely incorrect information. The most blatant was in the science section. If you do not have a strong foundation and are trying to learn from one of the study guides, do not purchase this book because there is a strong possibility that you will learn the information incorrectly. The reading section was very close to what I came into contact with on the actual TEAS V, but the other section reviews were of much lower quality than what I would expect from a test prep company. Use the official study guide provided by ATI.

  • Chuck Cameron. - Marine Mustang PA - Hillary Undressed

    Should be required reading for all American voters (Those eligible to vote). I have read several books covering the Clinton's written about the White House staff (The Residence), Uniformed Secret Service (Crisis of Character), Clinton Cash, and saw the Movie Hillary's America - The Secret History of the Democrat Party. Much of the information is collaborated in/by various sources and also when permitted by the media. The book undresses Hillary and reveals her true selfish, ugly, lying, corrupt character which has little concern for our national interest and it is all about the greed of the two Clinton's. The book provides explanation why Hillary gets away with things most Americans would go to jail for. Covers her poor health. Covers her ugly nasty temper/personality. Covers the slime dealings of Hillary and Bill. Covers her complete disregard for the American people and driven desire to be the resident by any and all means possible, legal or not.

  • ALAN WILLIAMS - will buy again

    I am not a computer geek, but the reviews say this is a good product, and I have not had trouble with bugs, so it seems to work.

  • Amy McKinney - They work!

    they definitely helped curb appetite and helped me loose weight. I used them in conjunction with a B12 supplement, and a VERY VERY clean eating plan. I've lost 25 pounds in about 3 weeks from all things combined. It HELPS you along the way! YOU have to be in control of what you do, but this can give you a little extra edge.

  • kahnj57 - Tragic but true

    Do not read this book if you are afraid of facing reality. Having lived several years in Oakland, I can definitely identify many of the factors Mr. Kersey describes. Again, do not read this book if you still have illusions of political correctness.