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  • A Salute to a Great Cancer War Veteran - A Salute to a Great Cancer War Veteran

    If you've ever wondered why cancer has somehow taken hold in your life or in that of someone close to you, you will find some surprising common sense theories here with some common sense strategies on how to get healthy again. A friend gave me this book early on in my uphill cancer fight and I finally felt "armed" and ready to wage war, instead of helpless and at the mercy of allopathic medicine's limited range of therapies (and few natural ones.) It's not a criticism of modern oncology techniques-this book lists ways to AUGMENT them with some simple common sense, supplementation of various kinds (detailed nutrition & vitamin regimens, spirituality, family support, etc..) and a belief in positive outlook/outcome. The most educational aspect of this book was that it taught me so much about our horrid American/Western diet and how much is has likely contributed to all kinds of diseases...including cancer. When 1 in 3 of us will experience cancer during our lifetimes, it can't hurt to consider the points that Mrs. Frähm highlights that not only speak to the ways our natural immune system becomes vulnerable, but how to strengthen this unrivaled form of chemotherapy.This book should appeal, in particular, to the active/critical patient or family who wants to explore the realm of natural cancer fighters that-unlike traditional oncology-work to get the body back in balance vs. kill the cancer at ALL COSTS. Mrs. Frähm not only takes you through her personal battles and how she arrived at her system, but explains in simple terms how these things work. I'm grateful beyond belief that a thoughtful friend passed along a copy of this powerful book and it's the first one I name when asked what book I'd recommend for a newly-diagnosed cancer patient. It's a hard-core, disciplined outline for those who believe in making some serious lifestyle changes in order to better their odds of keeping cancer from taking hold or ever coming back. At the same time, it doesn't claim to be the cancer gospel-anyone who claims to have THE cancer answer or THE cure is either disillusioned or a flat-out liar...thankfully, Mrs. Frähm doesn't attempt to do that.I appreciated her candor and personal courage during her difficult cancer fight and the specific things she shared in her personal nutritional regimen that I, too, incorporated that made me a much stronger cancer patient. I'm not only a smarter soldier in my own cancer war but I feel like I have a hold on the arsenal of natural weapons that my cancer enemy doesn't like. I have Mrs. Frähm-and the friend who gave me this powerful book-to thank for that.Just know this book isn't for everyone-especially those who are wary of anything their doctor doesn't rubber stamp with approval. But some of us didn't have the luxury of such enlightened, infallible oncologists and Mrs. Frähm just shows the reader some natural, alternative ways to bolster our immune systems & fight cancer without destroying ourselves in the process. And if your cancer situation is beginning to look a little bleak, this may well point you in some directions that no one else will tell you about. It's a shame that her 'Battle Plan' is only well-known within the cancer survivor community when it contains so many sound principles. If you're in the 'battle' against the Big C, it's difficult to NOT become a smarter soldier with this book. I only wish I had known about some of these principles years ago as I might not have even been diagnosed with cancer to begin with.p.s. As far as how Mrs. Frähm is doing today? I don't personally know...but given the fact that she only had 2 months to live- many years ago, mind you- after her "last" medical option expired and failed, whatever time she cultivated beyond that is due to the gifts of a higher power and a determined woman who took some brave steps to meet her enemy head-on.

  • Wood Splinter - Twinkle Twinkle

    Is absolutely beautiful!!! Love Swarovski and have been collecting the ornaments for almost 10 yrs. Each year they're as beautiful as the year before....Sometimes I decorate the tree with just my Swarovski ornaments and nothing else. The lights illuminate them and it's simply gorgeous!! I'll continue to purchase them from Amazon.....