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Centru medical de Gastroenterologie, Proctologie, Hepatologie, Endoscopie digestiva (videogastroscopie, videocolonoscopie, videorectoscopie, videocapsula endoscopica, polipectomie, stenturi digestive, stenturi esofagiene, stenturi pilorice, stenturi colonice, balon de slabit, ligatura hemoroidala, tratamente endoscopice nechirurgicale, tratamente pentru hemoroizi єi fisura anala), Ecografie abdominala, pH-metrie esofagianг, Extractie de corpi straini din esofag, stomac, duode, colon, rect) - Cabinet si biblioteca virtuala de gastroenterologie care gazduieste diverse informatii, Centrul Medical Tuculanu, Centrul Medical Юuculanu sfaturi, consultatii, tratamente, regimuri, recomandate in bolile digestive (esofag, stomac, intestin subtire, colon єi rect, ficat, colecist si cai biliare, pancreas).

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  • Just a Buyer - Best Software

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