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  • Neha Ali - Nails don't chip like they used to

    These have to be one thing I must have in my daily diet. My hair and nails are so much stronger. Nails don't chip like they used to. I was shedding a lot of hair, and these helped so much. My second purchase! Will keep using them.

  • KonaGal - I used the whole package on my lawn

    I saw no visually improved results on my lawn, but hey, maybe the lawn is happy and I'm just not able to see it. Just cause I can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't doing a good job

  • Rickyrick1221 - Awesome looking 09 fz6r

    Amazing tail light. I started off trying to be a tiny bit cheaper on a replacement taillight with the integrated turn signals but when it came down to it i ended up spending more on return shipping fees and taxes from buying lights from odd end dealers and having them ship the wrong part. This was an extremely easy swap and I had to do no cutting, splicing or any of that nonsense. Also I didn't realize that there was a light LED strip on the bottom to light up the license plate so i didn't have to add one in which was great. Overall i'd buy this again if I needed to.

  • Lucius Verus - Money Well Spent

    It's light. It has awesome ventilation. It fits me perfectly (56 cm head, size M, plenty of room to spare for a bandana or hat underneath). It looks AWESOME. The straps are gray which is nice because white straps start to look grimy after a couple good rides. The white/silver color is much more silver/higher contrast in real life as opposed to the picture, which I liked. Includes a set of replacement interior pads and a Giro sticker. Did I mention it's light? 100 grams lighter than most of the other helmets I have ridden didn't seem like much on paper, but I can definitely tell the difference, especially riding in the drops. 1/4 lb less that your neck has to hold up really adds up if you tack on the mileage. If you ride more than 100 miles a week or just have money to burn, this helmet is definitely worth it. In my experience as a cyclist and ski/snowboard instructor, you can't go wrong with anything from Giro's helmet line.

  • SaltwaterSlick - Poor quality, but if you are reasonably competent in improvising, you can make it work.

    I actually got 2 of these harnesses. I used one on a 32" curved light bar for the front of my UTV, and the second one for 2 smaller lights for the back of the UTV. In both cases, the harness wires were too short for even this small UTV. I had to splice most connections. Also the switches are cool and work OK once mounted, but the Chinese translated instructions are almost useless. Without a wiring diagram, they would have been unusable. Also one of the switches popped apart while I was trying to mount it, and springs/plates went everywhere. I spent hours looking for all the pieces to put it back together again. Once I got it all back together and tested, I had to improvise a way to cut the proper size holes in order to mount them as no template was provided. In the end, I got it done, but this harness is not for the novice user.

  • Linda B. Clifford - Misleading and disappointing

    Requires an enormous amount of pressure to push the cylinder down. And if you let up on it, the water gushes out everywhere. Description and packaging need Warnings about this. Extremely disappointed.

  • Molly Minx - Great for acne scars

    The vitamin C in this helps fade my acne scars. It is not too drying and I have extremely dry skin. My complexion looks much brighter and I can wear less makeup!