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FarmaMix Ltda - FARMAMIX una Central de Mezclas de Nutrición Parenteral, ajustes y Adecuación de Dosis de Medicamentos no antibióticos.

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  • unionsteve - Blown away!!!

    This speaker simply just blew me away with it's quality and sound. It just rocks the house down. Unbelievable performance for such a compact device. Also the price was the best and half as much as most in the portable speaker class. Buy one and you'll thank me!

  • Steelponycowboy - Wait for Epson to improve on this model/technology. This 1st generation model leaves much to be desired.

    So here are the problems with this printer. #1 Two sided printing is just as bad if not worse than the high end HP printer that this printer was purchased to replace. #2 I thought I could deal with the 150 page capacity but it's a negative. For a printer priced at $500 for business, it really needs a 500 sheet capacity #3 It needs a USB reader to send scans to among other things.

  • NickG - Awesome Bag!!

    Everything I expected in a cart bag. Callaway has proven to be a leader in the industry once again!! Buy one!!

  • Angie - Great stuff

    Definitely worth giving it a try. Some people don't like it, I personally loved it. So I would give a try before deciding against it.

  • Ricky Slaughter - Seems Perfect! Easy Peasy Install, Ice and Water Working, Now!

    This was a super-simple install and was immediately effective. I didn't realize how simple it was, I kept looking for retainer screws or a plastic latch, but there was nothing. A simple *push* in and release; it pops out, didn't even have to turn off the water supply. *Push* the new one in and you're done! Suddenly, the water dispenser started working and the ice 'cubes' are no longer hollowed out canoes, they are now fully formed.

  • Amazon Customer - damages boot record do not buy.

    Disabled my hard drive! Seemed to install, then all I could get on the screen was "Recovery - PC needs to be repaired" ! It apparently had messed up my boot record! Had never in 50 years had such a bad program. I could not boot up, could not get F8 to help, etc. I am a along retired computer guy, & can usually work around poor programs, but this was very bad. It took all day to get rid of it - & get my computer back. Their FAQ's, Help, forums, did not help in any way. I tried chat - but after 1/2 hour wait gave up. Do not buy.