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Home - Echo Valley Ski Area is a family-friendly ski resort located in the Lake Chelan area of Washington State.

Country:, North America, US

City: -117.8612 California, United States

  • adam872 - Excellent, worth a read if you are a manager or not

    "Good to Great" essentially consists of the results of an extensive study into why some companies had been able to outperform the market over an extended period of time. What struck me was how often I found myself in complete agreement with a statement made by either the researchers or the interviewees. This was as a result of seeing some of the exact same events (both good and bad) unfolding in places I had worked at before and presently. I found many of the approaches taken by the "Great" companies are in use why I work now and in places I have worked before, as well as some of the poor ones. Seeing an independent view point of this certainly brought some things into sharper focus for me. It brought to mind the phrase "Common sense is not so common". A lot of what these businesses did was pretty straightforward, but it is indeed amzing that so many other organisations fail to grasp this.

  • Virginia C Kenyon - Amazing!

    I never write reviews, and I am here to tell you that this product is awesome!! I've struggled with regular cycles since going off BC pills in 2013, and I finally went to a naturopath to help the issue. She told me to take 3/day, and I got my first period in three months after taking these regularly for 2 weeks! She also prescribed me Vitamin D and a multivitamin, so I am not sure what caused my cycle to start up. However, I know that I will keep on taking this! I try to take this on its own (with a meal) to avoid the nausea issue, and it seems to help.

  • Big Ed Mustafa. - Great body soap and shampoo.

    I use this soap as a body wash and i feel clean and refreshed afterwards. I have no skin conditions so I have no opinion on that aspect but as a body wash and shampoo I love it and by the way it smells great to me.

  • Cindy Kline - NOT HAPPY

    GOT IT, SENT IT BACK SAME DAY, went with the Contour HD for 30 bucks more.. best money ever spent on Contour...

  • Apollinaire - Good monitor for word/excel projects

    This is as advertised. Easy to put together. Thin, LED, so not hi-def or anything, but for the purposes of working on excel/word, it gets the job done. I wouldn't have purchased this model if I had been needing something for graphics/video projects, but for what I need, it's great.

  • Eddie80 - then the next time she appears it's like it didn't happen

    after five episodes I was very enthusiastic, but the last three episodes left something to be desired. Other reviews have mentioned this I think. Somehow I thought Billy Bob did too much driving around. There was one scene where a woman got slammed against her car by a cop, then the next time she appears it's like it didn't happen? I did think Diana Hopper was wonderful, a good actor in this, although a little mature for the supposed age of the character. The whole cast was good. The reason I didn't give it five stars is, the script seemed flawed. I still like the whole series, I just thought they could have done a better job with the conclusion.