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Skin Care - Skin Protection - Dermatics - Hautpflegepräparate für Problemhaut und normale Haut, skin care for problem skin and sensitive skin

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  • FeelingOld - WARNING: You will regret it later

    Be careful about giving much weight to the reviews written by readers who have not used VersaCheck very long. If you ever have a computer crash you are in deep trouble. VersaCheck will NOT let you reload the program until you complete an online reset form and wait at least 48 hours and don't hold your breath. When I couldn't get a reset, I went out and purchased a NEW retail copy and tried loading it -- NO way. Still licensing issues. Here it is days later and I am waiting on VersaCheck to open on the West Coast and I still can not write checks. What an expensive disaster. Reasons not to buy VersaCheck:

  • Lilia's CO2 sales - one star is to high a rating

    What is the SAVE option for. If next years version can not read this year why bother saving those 3000 mile trips you make with your Dad to redo with your kids?

  • MsAshley Nichole - I LOVE THE GODFREY BROTHERS!!!

    This series was everything...Mayhem was Bae but I like Ramsey too now he crazy lol..I love the way they love and respect their mother and how she didn't bite her tongue when it came to her boys. I am praying one of the brothers get their own book I need more of them

  • Peter J. Clancy - Quirky!

    Seems like a decent anti-virus program but McAfee drives you crazy with emails and reminders and renewal offers long before the year is up. Have had difficulty installing newer versions even after old version had expired. They could make it much easier to use.

  • ks1543 - Very Pleased!

    I couldn't be happier! This product was super easy to install, and I now have wifi at the far reaches of my house. As everyone indicated, the switch out to the US plug was a bit tricky but with the suggestions posted, I was able to do it.

  • bryan - performance for warehouse jobs

    I wasn't sure about this product for the first couple days. Probably because I only took one as directed, but more likely because I was getting used to it. It was working all day in rain and felt just peachy. Usually (on other thermogenics) I'm somewhat uncomfortable working in the rain. This is nice. I can balance drinking like 3/4 a gallon of water during a warehouse eight hour workday and only have to pee twice if not once due to sweating. Will buy again.

  • Jeremy Ray Davis - Antenna looks great!! Just as described

    Antenna looks great!! Just as described. Did give up some signal strength by going to a smaller antenna but this only effective the smaller radio stations. This is to be expected. Major stations still get clear signal.