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MUSC Digestive Disease Center - The MUSC Digestive Disease Center is dedicated to the professional development of gastroenterology specialists and the long-term care of our G.I. patients.

  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/contact-us.html Contact Us | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - Mailing address and phone numbers for the MUSC Digestive Disease Center and Medical University of South Carolina, as well as the website administrator's email.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/map-directions.html Map and Directions | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - MUSC is located in downtown Charleston, SC with easy access from all surrounding communities. Use our mapping tool for accurate directions from your location.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/index.html Patient and Public Information | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - The MUSC DDC is comprised of expert GI physicians and surgeons whom provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for complex diseases and disorders.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/professional/index.html Professional Information and Academic Development | MUSC DDC - Learn about the MUSC Digestive Disease Center's fellowship, advanced endoscopy, and short-term training programs, as well as conferences and facilities info.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/research/index.html Introduction | Clinical Research Trials | MUSC DDC - As a University Medical Center, we are very active in both clinical and basic science research, the former often involving clinical trials (or studies).
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/symptoms/index.html Symptoms and Conditions | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - A list of links to our pages about various digestive-related symptoms and conditions.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/organs/index.html Digestive Organs | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - A list of links to our pages about the various organs of the human digestive system.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/procedures/index.html G.I. Procedures | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - A list of links to our pages about various gastroenterology procedures such as colonoscopy, EUS, ERCP, upper endoscopy, and flexible sigmoidoscopy.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/symptoms/proctalgia.html Proctalgia | Symptoms and Conditions | MUSC DDC - Proctalgia is usually a severe stabbing pain caused by spasms of the pelvic floor muscles, the muscles of the anal sphincter, and/or the muscles of the rectum.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/stomach-duodenum/gastritis.html Gastritis | Diseases of the Stomach/Duodenum | MUSC DDC - Gastritis is when the stomach lining becomes inflamed or swollen. Many possible causes exist for gastritis which can last from short time periods to many years.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/small-intestine/infections.html Infections | Diseases of the Small Intestine | MUSC DDC - Infections can present for many years, ranging from being acute to chronic. These can be broken up into three main types: intestinal, protozoal, and salmonella.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/pancreas-biliary-system/gallstones-bile-duct-stones.html Bile Duct Stones & Gallstones | Pancreas Diseases | MUSC DDC - Gallstones are created in the gallbladder forming bile substances of hard, crystal-like particles. Bile duct stones move out of the gallbladder becoming lodged.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/small-intestine/small-bowel-obstruction.html Small Bowel Obstruction | Diseases Small Intestine | MUSC DDC - A small bowel obstruction, which prevents or slows down the movement of food, is a potentially dangerous condition that can seriously impact quality of life.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/pancreas-biliary-system/SOD.html SOD | Diseases of the Biliary System | MUSC DDC - Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction is when the opening mechanism from the biliary tree into the small bowel is disturbed causing pain, leakage and/or other issues.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/colon-rectum/anal-stenosis.html Anal Stenosis | Diseases of the Rectum | MUSC DDC - Anal stenosis means that the anal opening is too small or does not relax or open properly. This may be treated with surgery that enlarges the anal opening.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/symptoms/abdominal-pain.html Abdominal Pain | Symptoms and Conditions | MUSC DDC - Pain is an important symptom for diagnosing abdominal diseases. Pains located away from the center of the abdomen often indicate issues that are more serious.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/symptoms/hemorrhoids.html Hemorrhoids | Symptoms and Conditions | MUSC DDC - Hemorrhoids, (internal or external) are masses of tissue containing blood vessels in the lower rectum and anus that can become extremely enlarged and painful.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/diseases/small-intestine/index.html Diseases of the Small Intestine | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - The small intestine can be affected by infections, tumors and diseases such as dysmotility, small bowel obstruction, intestinal lymphoma, IBD ... and more.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/about-us.html About The DDC | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - Charleston's MUSC Digestive Disease Center has a well-established team of health care providers dedicated to long-term patient care and professional training.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/your-visit/clinic-appointment.html Your Clinic Appointment | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - Meeting with your gastroenterologist can sometimes be a stressful encounter, but it does not have to be thanks to these tips to help you through the process.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/public/your-visit/visiting-charleston.html Visiting Charleston | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - Visitor information about MUSC, the Ashley River Tower, and the Charleston, South Carolina area.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/disclaimer.html Disclaimer | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - This site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any medical questions.
  • http://www.ddc.musc.edu/privacy-policy.html Privacy Policy | MUSC Digestive Disease Center - An individual's privacy is important to the Medical University of South Carolina. We provide this notice explaining our online information policy and practices.

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