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Dallas Dermatologist | Cosmetic Dermatology - Contact Park Cities Dermatology, one of Dallas' leading general, cosmetic & pediatric dermatology clinics offering acne, anti-aging & skin wellness clinics.

  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/ Medical Dermatology Programs | Park Cities Dermatology - We are committed to offering the best & highest quality care for medical skin conditions & skin care. Click here to browse medical programs we offer!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/skin-cancer-screenings/ Dallas Skin Cancer Screenings at Park Cities Dermatology - Detect skin cancer at an early stage with the skin cancer screening services offered by Park Cities. Call 469.941.0440 to schedule your appointment now!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/acne/ Dallas Acne Treatment | Medical Dermatologist | Dr. Adler - Get acne free skin with acne & scar removal treatment at Park Cities! Our treatment minimizes the occurrence of pimples & is safe for all skin types.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/eczema/ Eczema | Medical Dermatology Treatment | Dallas, TX - Schedule your appointment today with us and find out everything you need to know about the symptoms of eczema and the available treatments of it.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/hairloss-and-hair-disorders/ Hairloss and Hair Disorder Treatment in Dallas, TX | Dallas Dermatologist - Hair loss is a common problem for men and women, which can be distressing. Click here to further demystify hair loss!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/rosacea/ Rosacea Treatment in Dallas - If you are experiencing persistent redness in your face, contact Park Cities Dermatology Center for a diagnosis and proper treatment of Rosacea.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/psoriasis/ Psoriasis treatment in Dallas, TX | Medical Dermatology - If you struggle with psoriasis, schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. We offer many treatment & therapy options to help treat your condition.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/medical-dermatology/warts/ Dallas Wart Removal | Molluscum Treatment - At Park Cities we work to find the best way to clear the warts quickly with minimal discomfort. Contact us today for warts removal treatment in Dallas.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/ Cosmetic procedures & Treatment | Park Cities Dermatology - The Park Cities Dermatology Center offers cosmetic dermatology procedures to make the skin radiant and youthful. To learn more visit us today!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/botox-cosmetic/ Dallas BOTOX® | Cosmetic Dermatologist in Dallas, TX - If you're searching for a way to look more naturally refreshed, consider BOTOX® cosmetic treatment at Park Cities Dermatology in Dallas, TX
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/juvederm/ Dallas Juvederm | Park Cities Dermatology | Dallas, TX - Park Cities Dermatology offers the JUVÉDERM procedure in Dallas to soften deep folds & reduce wrinkles on the face. Schedule today with Dr. Adler!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/voluma-xc/ Juvederm Injectable Gel | Juverderm Voluma XC | Dallas, TX - Add volume to the cheek area instantly with Voluma XC, which is specifically formulated to restore volume in the cheeks while adding a subtle lift.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/chemical-peels/ Chemical Peel Dallas | Park Cities Dermatology | Dallas, TX - Get more evenly toned skin with the chemical peel procedure offered by the Park Cities Dermatology Center in Dallas, TX.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/medical-facial-treatments/ Medical Facial Treatments & Facial Aesthetics | Dallas TX - Contact Park Cities Dermatology today at 469.941.0440 and revive your skin with invigorating medical facial treatments.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/tissue-tightening/ Tissue & Skin Tightening Procedures at Park Cities - Park Cities Dermatology has now developed various skin tightening procedures, so schedule an appointment to tighten & prevent your skin from sagging!
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/services/omnilux/ Dallas Omnilux Therapy | Acne Inflammation | Dr. Max Adler - Do you have acne scars left over from a bad acne outbreak? If you do, then Omnilux is a great solution for you! Contact us today to learn more.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/laser-hair-removal/ Dallas Laser Hair Removal | Cosmetic Dermatologist | Dallas, TX - Are you uncomfortable with unwanted hair on your face & body? If so, visit our office for the most effective & efficient hair removal on the market today.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/photorejuvenation/ Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation Skin Treatment - Contact us today to enhance your skin natural healing capabilities with IPL Photorejuvenation skin treatment of Park Cities Dermatology.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/cosmetic-dermatology/laser-skin-resurfacing/ Dallas Laser Skin Resurfacing | Park Cities Dermatology - If you have blotches, wrinkles, or scars on your face, call us at 469.941.0440 to schedule your appointment now for Laser Resurfacing treatment in Dallas, TX.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/services/portrait-plasma/ Portrait Plasma Treatment for Fine Lines - Portrait Plasma is a treatment that is most effective in eliminating the fine lines & deep wrinkles on the face as well as treating sun-damaged skin.
  • http://www.dallascosmeticcenter.com/services/vbeam-skin-laser/ Vbeam Skin Laser Treatment Procedure - If you have suffered with scars, birthmarks, rosacea, red bumps, or facial veins, then Vbeam Skin Laser treatment is particularly helpful for you.

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  • jonhaff - Great for revision

    This book is crammed with highly condensed notes on "high yield material", covering antatomy, physiology, biochemistry etc. It's been specially designed for the Step 1 exam but it's useful for any kind of preclinical exam (i.e. I'm using it for the British BM part 1 exam).

  • Mari-Ann Wise - Good story!

    This was actually a pretty good story and I got through it very quickly. The only thing that bothered me was that the chapters alternated "before" and "after" and where it wasn't exactly confusing, it definitely was distracting. Still if you want a quick read with a good story (and it was free as an Amazon Prime free book of the month), go for it! I don't want to sound sexist but it is more a woman's book than a man's book. :-)