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CPV - Pre-Vestibular - Colegio - Editora - CPV Vestibulares, CPV Colégio, CPV Editora. Informações Educacionais para alunos do CPV, vestibulandos em geral e Conveniados.

  • http://www.cpv.com.br/../vestibulares/ CPV Vestibulares - Resolucoes - Próximas Turmas CPV para Biomédicas, Exatas, Humanas ou especiais para FGV, ESPM e Insper.
  • http://www.cpv.com.br/../contato.aspx Portal CPV Educacional - Contato - CPV Vestibulares, CPV Colégio, CPV Editora. Informações Educacionais para alunos do CPV, vestibulandos em geral e Conveniados.

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  • Mark H. Teal - I use this every year

    You can't do your own taxes by hand anymore unless your situation is very very simple. I used Turbo Tax many many years ago, and it was just as easy to use as H&R Block's software. But every year, this title is always a few dollars cheaper. I don't need all of the extra bells and whistles in the Delux or other versions, since all of the versions have the same forms. I buy this every year, and every year, I am satisfied.

  • matthew j. phillips - Tried others and came crawling back! Price is worth it!

    Don't let the price scare you off from this amazing product! We've been using Triple Paste for two years straight, every night and once or twice during the day for our daughter and she has rarely encountered a rash!! It's a great protectant, very thick and soothing with no smell!!

  • J. Filak - One Fabulous Pot!

    As someone who loves to cook I can't believe I waited this long to experience how wonderful these Le Creuset pots are. I promptly made a delicious chili in mine when it arrived and not only did it cook great, it was lovely to serve from. Although these pots are expensive, they are worth it--a lifetime investment.

  • Placer - It would have been better to have the exercises in written format

    I found the speaker was very long winded. Two hours to go through 2 of the discs is too long. It would have been better to have the exercises in written format. I can't remember each and every exercise. Getting up and down multiple times is hard for me. It would have been better to have all floor exercise grouped together. The DVD format is too old for some computers. It would have been better to download to my Ipad. It is too cumbersome so search though the DVD for the specific exercise. I agree the methods and exercises are very thorough and will probably help if I stick with them. I tried to download to my Ipad so can view the exercises when I am on the floor but was only able to download DVD 2. It's easier to view things on the floor from the IPAD. I had to down load extra software to save to IPAD so the whole thing has been an expensive investment compared to other options. It's too bad the package is so cumbersome because there is a lot of good material here that could help a lot of people. You need to find a professional editor.

  • Rants&Raves - The steak knives are the best!

    The steak knives are the best part of this set. They are indestructible. I use them to open boxes, scrape up random stuff and for food. I bought this set many years ago and wanted a replacement for years. I was so excited to find that Amazon carries them!

  • toy train lover - Broke my elbow - discovered mashed potatoes that rival my own

    I'm not a cook so I'm generally not that particular about food. Except for mashed potatoes. Mine are the best and since I was a little girl I've been the one to prepare the mashed potatoes for family meals and holidays. Never flakes - uck - I know why people use flakes because making mashed potatoes takes time.