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Collom & Carney Clinic - Collom & Carney clinic consist of more than 100 physicians system wide. Collom and Carney clinic provides a full range of services, including diagnostic and high tech radiology, laboratory, histopathology, ultrasound, vascular and echo studies, on-site pharmacy, and so many more services. We also have multiple facilities throughout the surrounding area to serve the community in and around New Boston - TX, Wake Village - TX, and Prescott - AR. We are pleased to provide services at The Urology Clinic and The Eye Institute, both of which are located in Texarkana, TX.

Country:, North America, US

City: -94.1387 Texas, United States

  • hsapions - Reasonably decent device, compltely worthless support

    As a phone alternative, the Magic Jack is reasonably decent. I just recently bought a Magic Jack Plus which seems to be a lot better than the old device which sucked up vast amounts of CPU time on a decently powered computer.

  • Frank Burke - A must read!!

    This book is a must read for all Americans regardless of their faith. It is extremely well researched and gives a true insight into where America is headed under the Obama administration. America is at a serious crossroads in its history and the time to act is now. At times the book is frightening and you will go through a roller coaster of emotions reading it. As always there is great hope and this book gives a roadmap to rescuing America from the hands of evil. I implore you to buy it, read it, live it and give it to your friends.

  • One word awesome - Cool

    I like this app because its ad free & it has excellent graphics for a kindle defiantly a recommended app.

  • shada - It's not as easy as it looks

    I don't care for this board .It's not as easy as it looks. Could be my balance isn't as good as it used to be. Probably works good for younger people, but older people might have a problem too.

  • bugaloo - best tv for the price

    I cant begin to explain what a wonderful TV this is. We went to the local big box store to get a cheaper tv a 50 inch vizio, hisense or sharp. Yes you can save a couple hundered bucks, but we are glad we chose this TV. It had the best picture by far of all the tv's on the wall, the colors were richer sharper and more vibrant, I had a cheap low end 4k tv and this picture blows it away. the android tv is simply the best, download apps and there is no limitation, the sound is very good, its full deep and vibrant not tinny like cheaper tv's. The smart Tv features are so easy to use, the wireless is the fast AC standard. go see this tv for yourself it can't be beat for the price.

  • Suburban Phila Family - Kills Coffee Makers

    The smell of the CLR never came out of our Zojirushi drip coffee maker after running many gallons of water through it. CLR's manufacturer (Jelmar) said that this only occurs in coffee makers with carbon water filters, only in rare cases. Meanwhile our Zojirushi doesn't have a water filter. Jelmar also said the CLR can react with certain metals/chemicals like Tephlon, and that this is a risk of use (meanwhile the label doesn't list any such precautions). Thus, I caution anyone from using CLR in any food or drink application since there is a chance of residual smell or a chemical reaction that could impact your food, and therefore you.

  • Nick - Burt's Bees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash, 12 Fluid Ounces...

    as many of the reviews was mentioning about not foaming I to experienced the same thing. No matter how much shampoo you pour in the water it just does not foam. It's aroma is OK, if you are looking for a shampoo that foam's do not buy this.