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  • Yvonne Gorniak - SodaStream since July 2012

    I ordered my SodaStream in July 2012 and have been using it ever since. I've read quite a few of the negative reviews and I just want to address some of the issues. I do NOT own stock in the company so my comments are just as a consumer.

  • Nicholas J Pallitto - Awesome!

    First thing I will say is I was more than blown away about how good the device works and the price. I paid $20.25 and it does everything its supposed to. It hooks up to my Galaxy Note 5 instantly and stays connected even when I walk out into the front yard without the phone so it has good range too. It sends all my alerts straight to the phone including app alerts. I get a sports update from the app and it pops right up on the watch. I can make calls and talk straight into the phone and also send and receive text messages from the phone and whatever phone ringtone you have will play right out of the watch too. The camera works as good you could imagine a tiny watch camera would work, its not the greatest resolution but it works pretty well for what it actually is . It also has a Micro SD expansion slot to store pictures or music to listen too and it also has a SIM slot as well. I mean you can actually use this as a standalone phone although I haven't tried it out and wont, I never planned on using it that way but I honestly could not ask for more. It looks nice too. A couple cons. First the instruction booklet is lacking but I was able to decipher it enough to use all of the features. Also, the app that they say to download in the instruction booklet is not very good and you should instead download an app called MTK Smart Device which has worked almost perfectly in the couple months I've had it. All around amazing deal and I would definitely buy this watch and I show it and recommend it to friends all the time.

  • Jackie - It is helpful

    I have tried many products just for strength and softness,and this one works for me, the best.I have thin/thinning hair and haven't seen anything spectacular happen from using this product, but it does give me fullness which I wasn't getting from any other product. It's pricey, but I will buy it again.

  • Debbie - Learn How Natural can help more than Pharmaceuticals!

    Has a great deal of information on the Benefits of DHEA and the role it can play. A lot of great benefits if you can find a Dr to supervise the use. Unfortunately, they're hard to come by because there's so much help we can get from using the more Natural elements our body needs rather than all the meds out today that just treat the symptom, not the real problems. We need more Drs in this field. It would be so much better than all the drugs they give us with all the side effects and new conditions they cause.

  • SHAUN MCKENNA - Real cotton treat

    I expected the material of the mask to be papery, but it was a real cotton! I have been fooled by a couple of products that said cotton yet never felt like it was. Since I am one of those sheet mask freak, I ended up ordering one just to try something new. I am not disappointed by my purchase. This one was not only soft and enfolding, it was full of vitalization that I never experienced before. It feels comfortable while you put it on. Afterwards, you will be delighted to have that soft and clear skin. No redness, no irritation and no breakouts. Minimizes black spots and wrinkles in a dramatic way. I will definitely buy more of these masks.

  • biglove - Camphor galore!

    Bought this for my wife who is a wound care nurse so that she can use it on her lip when dealing with foul smelling wounds.