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  • https://www.cherylsherbs.com/home/the-cheryls-herbs-library/ The Cheryl’s Herbs Library – Cheryl's Herbs - Over 800 hollistic, herbal, and essential oil based different books in our library. Non-Lending
  • https://www.cherylsherbs.com/home/drying-your-herbs-how-to/ Drying Homegrown Herbs: How to – Cheryl's Herbs - Commonly used methods and information regarding drying your own home grown herbs.
  • https://www.cherylsherbs.com/home/fall-favorites-and-must-haves/ Fall Favorites and Must Haves! – Cheryl's Herbs - A collection of recommended herbs and products, tailored by the staff here at Cheryl's Herbs.

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  • Amazon Customer - The Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case by SpigenĀ® is awesome. This premium soft synthetic leather case works well ...

    The Galaxy S7 Edge Wallet Case by SpigenĀ® is awesome. This premium soft synthetic leather case works well and fully protects your phone and credit cards. It was shipped in a bubble mailer with the retail box inside, upon opening it, the case was in a thick plastic bag. The black case feels and looks like soft premium leather, I had to go back and read the description to be sure that it was synthetic. It is soft and smooth to the touch, yet it is easy to grip and I have not dropped my Galaxy S7 Edge while using this case. If it were to drop, I feel it would be well protected. The case is held closed using a reversible magnetic clip that is stitched with the same premium synthetic leather as the rest of the case. Upon opening the case, you will find 3 pockets for credit cards, a side pocket that can hold about 6 folded bills, and premium quality plastic phone holder. I will highlight the details below.

  • Mamma bear - Perfect!

    This is by far my favorite umbrella. Why did no one think of this design sooner? I love that when I close it, The dry side faces out. It makes it so easy to close from inside the car without it catching on the car door. I love the c shaped handle. The umbrella seems extremely sturdy. I hate when umbrellas turn inside out when the wind hits them. So far this has not happened with this one, and it is so sturdy that I don't think it ever will.

  • Goulee` - Recommeded for those that do not want full time tonneau

    Purchased this for my 2016 F150. It arrives pre-assembled and truly does install in minutes. The first day I drove 400+ miles to camp and it performed excellent on the freeway. One corner wasn't snug at high speed, but after a quick tightening it never fluctuated again. For the price this is as good as it gets. I do not want a full time tonneau, so this is easy on easy off. If you do plan on leaving it on full time I can't guarantee it's waterproof. I did notice some dust on my gear, so it's not 100% tight like a hard shell might be.

  • Drake - They were like 20 pages long

    Little thicker then your average pen, ZERO directions what so ever, And when i finally found the directions, They were like 20 pages long!...Like really?...

  • M. Lawson - Does what it says it'll do...

    Can't give it a 5 star rating just yet. It does what it say for sure and I've no complaints however it would be really nice to know how much beer is left in the can/bottle in order to better estimate when to switch from beer to foam (head). And it definitely has a different affect on different beers. Your typical "light" domestic beers improve quite a bit while others like Shipyard Pumpkin only improve slightly. Funky Budha Blueberry actually tasted horrible through the Fizzics...like a spoiled sour patch kid lol.

  • Amanda V - Smells nice

    This soap smells nice. I use it as a body wash. It seems to work well. I like that it's organic. I don't think it's going to last long. I use around three pumps as a body wash. It doesn't lather as well as regular body wash, but seems to work well enough. This is not a large bottle, so pay attention to the ounces.

  • Connie - A beautiful lightbarabut where to install it??

    Arrived promptly and is an attractivve light bar. Just what we wanted. Have not installed it yet because cannot decide whether to install it on toop of my side by side or on the front bumper. Any advice??