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  • A. Bachicha - A great fit for our honda fit

    We got one of these car seats for each of my little ones and they fit great in our honda fit. The fabric feels so plush and comfortable and the kids also seem comfortable. I only have a couple of conplaints. The buckle that goes between their legs is adjustable but for rear facing it is recommended to use the one furthest in, sometimes it is hard to adjust my kids to scoot into the back of the seat so that I have access to the buckle. Also releasing and adjusting the straps is somewhat difficult, it is easier with my 2.5 year old I pull the straps from the back of the seat and this allows me to tighten the straps easier, loosening them is trickier. With my 1.5 year old it is extremely tricky to use this trick but as he grows I know it will get easier. The built in cup holders are nice. I had a chicco nextfit which I also really liked we moved that to dad's truck since using the maxi cosi gives slightly more space for the front passengers rear facing than the chicco for us. The nextfit was easier to take my kid in and out of but the cosi gives us a bit more space and comes in cute colors. I also chose it for the ease of removing and washing the cover although I haven't tried yet. I chose this year's model over last year's model because of the bamboo fabric since my boys are big sweaters. I also liked that the seat has a 75lb rear facing weight limit.

  • margaret pearson - Excellent product, does what it says!

    We were convinced our car was ready for the scrap heap then we stumbled across the product on the internet & decided to give it a go. The car now passed the MOT & we have our run about back on the road, thanks to Bar's Leaks.

  • Robert J. Broughton - I go back with this year after year.

    If you have more than the simple tax return to do. This will be basically like going to the H&R Block office to get your taxes done. It has a series of questions that guide you through the process. Plus if you use it year to year, it will import most of your information from the previous year.

  • Jack Spratson - Don't Make The Same Mistake I Made

    While in total awe of this amazing device I unintentionally attempted to pass a TSA check point with the Wenger in my luggage. Well lets just put it this way, the US Supreme Court just ruled that I'm the only guy in the country which no longer has ANY protections under the constitution. I'm writing this review on toilet paper from my cell at Guantanamo and will have to do unspeakable things to get this review carried back to the states and posted on Amazon.