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Canadian Academy of Osteopathy: College & School - Osteopathic college in Ontario, Canada offering the highest level education & diploma programs in classical osteopathy and 1000+ hours of in clinic training.

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  • X. Libris - Notes from a couple who were just at HealthQuarters

    I have not (yet) read this book, but I've been reading the reviews because of two email messages I received from friends. Here's an excpert from the first one:We are so excited to tell you that L's PSA test done last week is at 2.9 down from 4 which is well within the normal range. His cholesterol is down from 221 to 172 which is also in the normal range. All other blood tests and the physical exam shows him very healthy. He is at his optimum weight down 35 lb. from this summer, he has been off his blood pressure medicine he started in June since October and it is in the normal range and he has almost completely quit snoring. The first good sleep S has had in 7 or 8 years!We are attributing these great results to the Lord's leading us to a book called "A Cancer Battle Plan," by Dave and Anne Fraum which then took us to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to go through the HealthQuarters Ministries program which Dave and Anne started to help people learn to regain their health the way God intended. We learned that if given the right conditions our body has an amazing ability to heal itself from many ailments which has been evident in Lyle and hundreds of other people. "Prostate Health in 90 days without drugs or surgery," by Larry Clapp, is another source that uses basically the same plan with a couple tweaks. "Healing Prayer" is a book that J gave us last Christmas that didn't get read until I found it behind the couch in the motorhome one day in early Oct. after L's diagnosis and boy does it apply to where we are. How did he know that we would use that book just when we needed it? God is in control of even the gifts we give at Christmas if we let Him be.Then my friends sent a follow-up note that said:I'm sorry to hear of [your] ailments. I know you have probably had a zillion suggestions but with the results we have seen with L and myself and many others with varying ailments I would encourage you to pick up Dave Frauhm's book "A Cancer Battle Plan" and consider following his program. It's [also] good for... dealing with the stress. This book deals not only with cancer but with many health situations. We believe you could possibly find some real relief. I hope these comments help. I think I'll be picking up a copy of this book soon.

  • Reviewer - iPhone/iPad quality and functionallity

    Installed in less than 30 minutes. After first turning on it immediately searched for and connected to my secured wireless network after inputting the wireless security code (Verizon Westell modem). Installed on Saturday morning. By Tuesday it had already learned enough to program itself. I purchased mine directly from the Nest website for $249.00 so save yourself some money and go there if you're interested. The remote access via the Nest Website and iPhone app work extremely well. Both have the ability to alter the programed temps but the website is much easier to use. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend to my friends.

  • Amazon Advocate - Superman has Nothing on these explorers.

    This historical narrative of the harrowing journey made by Ernest Shackleton and his crew of truly intrepid scientists and explorers is one of the most gripping I have read. And the fact that this actually happened in our comparatively recent time further boggles the mind. Some difficult injuries were caused by the really bad weather, blizzards, wind, snow, and the freezing ocean constantly preventing them from being able to be and stay dry for any length of time. Altogether a very good story, written well.

  • Great Book for Hypoglycemia - Great Book for Hypoglycemia

    This is an excellent diet for those with hypoglycemia. The food restrictions for those with candidiasis and hypoglycemia are nearly identical - avoidance of all sugar and sugar-producing substances.