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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Lee Hickman - Pretty okay

    Straightening my wavy hair is challenging. The irons don't lay on my hair ... Takes longer to style my hair that way.

  • pauljolly65 - Cool idea but it's difficult to mold Suguru to look ...

    Cool idea but it's difficult to mold Suguru to look as neat as the photos show. Plus, it only lasts for six months when refrigerated; if you're going to use it all the time, you'll probably like it. For me, it's much more convenient to have 5-6 of the mini krazy glue tubes on hand for the occasional small repairs that I might use Suguru for.

  • Southcbishop - Amazing read. Couldn't put it down, much to girlfriend's dismay.

    This publication is the pinnacle of riveting storytelling! I loved every moment of it. SPOILER ALERT! The Brown Wedding scene was shocking and horrific and amazing! As soon as I read that the Winds of Wastemere were played I knew ALL of the wooden toilet seats I came to love were in trouble. Terrible and intense. Two thumbs up!

  • Teya - Completely crashed after one use!

    I am not one to give bad reviews but this is ridiculous. I took advice from a friend to get Quicken because it was just as good as Quick books... Installed and set up account then closed it to use later... when I tried to open it again it said "Quicken Window has stopped working. A problem cause the program to stop working correctly." I went on the website and tried to get help and waited to be talked to for 45 min then it told me that there were no available tellers. please try again later. Not Impressed! Spend the extra money and get Quick books!

  • Kathie Raiborn - Resistance Chair

    It is great! Well built and gives you a good workout. Easy to understand poster to guide you through your exercise program. Easy storage.


    This product does not work!!! I usually don't write reviews on products but because I wasted my money and time for 2 months I had to warn other people. Please try another product honestly you won't get the results they promise. And this is coming from an honest consumer. Thank you and you have been warned.

  • Prudsax08 - Would not buy again although the shake tastes good there is cafeen in it

    Would not buy again although the shake tastes good there is cafeen in it. A high amount it seems since I was up till 3am the past 3 nights. They need to label it better and state exactly how much is in it. Most shakes usually don't have cafeen and this company will not give refunds either. When I asked about the first product i opened the lady treated me like a idiot. I didn't appreciate that. I had an allergic reaction. Will never buy again. Thankfully I got this one from Amazon and will get a refund.