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  • MrGrave - Kid can't stop reading this.

    My kid recently got his "black belt " as a third grader reader, so this was part of a "hard-copy" treat for him. He has most of his books in his iPad, but he actually enjoys hard-copies of books from time to time.


    WEBROOT is the best I have ever used, been using AVAST, AVG , payed and free version for the past 15 years, and before that Bit-Diffender was 2nd Best tried Avira, Norton, McAfee also , after taking off Avast payed version, I decided to give it a try , recommended by PC Magazine and C Net and not only it caught things that the other 2 didn't, it runs smoothly like no other, and it catches what the other top best didn't , if you get it ,which I highly recommend it and plan on staying with it. Download it from Amazon its half price than going to the site and you get 3 licenses, this is the best hands down, your computer does not slow down ,you forget its there and it wont miss anything all I have to say is O.M.G why didn't I try this before, Computer Geek 25 Years.

  • Pennie - Nicely made

    My kids have a cheaper table tennis set, so I thought it would be nice to get this as an extra racket for the set. My husband and I are both favorably impressed with this racket. Compared to the cheaper rackets, it: (1) is a bit heavier, (2) has a handle that is more substantial and comfortable, (3) is thicker and has more layers, and (4) plays "easier" - the ball flies off the racket. My husband said that it would be easier to spin the ball with this paddle, as well. We think it's a great paddle and are happy to add it to our set! Although I purchased this paddle at a reduced price in exchange for testing and review purposes, that has no bearing on my review.

  • Gilbert De Jesus - It works very well.

    Have been trying this out for the last week, and I'm glad that I purchased it!! The reviews of others were right on spot. The 6 USB output tops out at 12A max. You can rely on charging 6 items, phones/tablets, all at the same time and quickly. You can not connect it to a PC to use as extra ports.

  • Jaclyn Hope - Cliche and... sexist?

    So this book started out very strong. I was totally on board for the first hundred pages or so. A cold and detached area on the map under the rule of a distant king (reminded me of the North from Game of Thrones with her father being Ned Stark). I liked that she was stubborn and had a strong personality. When the city got attacked, the action sequences were interesting and exciting. But soon enough, the author completely lost me.