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    I am nine months in and this thing is now a piece of junk. It doesn't have enough pressure to push the water through. Wasting coffee trying to get a half decent brew. Water doesn't even get warm. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK. I am so angry, I will take this outside and destroy it with my hammer! DON"T BUY THIS! Mr. Coffee, you've lost me as a customer.

  • Melissa Boettger - Need intro.s, but otherwise a good workout!

    This game is helpful for me to target areas that I want. It doesnt give you any instruction or show you what the move is before you do it. That would be helpful to know what the move looks like before you get scored on it. I also noticed that on the swing kicks, you do the opposite of "Jillian". I did it incorrect the whole rep until I finally figured out that it was opposite. Then I got almost all of them! Otherwise, this game kicks my butt! Which is a good thing!

  • Wldflwrs - Manuka Honey is the answer...to many things

    Do a bit of research & you'll find ACTIVE Manuka honey has many, many uses. I've used the honey for many of them....digestive issues (for my canine companion as well), skin issues, wounds, infections, the list goes on. I always have a jar on hand as part of my own home-grown 1-aid kit. Because of its consistently high ratings -- across vendor sites --I would say you can't go wrong with Wedderspoon as a brand.

  • paxfax - SSD EVO - Countdown to Ecstasy

    All I can say is SSD's will completely change the performance of your computer. Its like getting a new one...with twin turbos and a blower. You have also navigated to THE one to buy. I do crazy research on these things, and have an entire IT department with veins in their forehead and wear glass bubble helmets to consult with...although I need my English to Jargon translator handy. This is the SSD Holy Land...the EVO is the one...buy it...get out your catchers mitt for Amazon delivery and have an open bay ready. Strap your self to a chair...fire it up...and BLAST OFF....!!!