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Home | People's Community Clinic - The People's Community Clinic is a non-profit, primary health care facility whose purpose is to provide high quality medical, counseling and health education services at reasonable costs to individuals and families in the Austin area.

  • https://www.austinpcc.org/support/make-a-donation/ Make a Gift | People's Community Clinic - PCC is one of the most outstanding and well-run non-profit organizations in Austin. Not only does the medical staff provide excellent care to people who really need it, PCC also makes the most of every dollar.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/about-us/our-history/ Our History | People's Community Clinic - The clinic’s history is a reflection of Austin’s — from hippies to households. It was founded as People’s Free Clinic in 1970 in the basement of the Congregational Church on Guadalupe Street across from the UT campus, by a handful of visionary volunteer doctors and nurses.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/about-us/leadership/ Board Leadership | People's Community Clinic - People’s Community Clinic’s Board of Directors is made up of dedicated volunteers, more than half of whom are PCC patients.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/about-us/capital-campaign/ Capital Campaign | People's Community Clinic - As the go-to health clinic for our most vulnerable citizens, People’s Community Clinic is singularly positioned to make a huge impact on thousands of lives. We invite you to join us in building the health of our community.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/patient-information/ Patient Information | People's Community Clinic - Looking to become a new patient? Are you a current patient looking for resources and frequently asked questions? You’re in the right place!
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/patient-information/new-patient-information/ New Patient Information | People's Community Clinic - Please read the information below to find out more about becoming a patient at People’s Community Clinic.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/patient-information/patient-forms/ Patient Forms + Resources | People's Community Clinic - If you are a new patient at the People’s Community Clinic, you have the option of printing these forms, filling them out and bringing them with you at the time of your appointment.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/patient-information/patient-forms/financial-screening-information/ What to Bring for Financial Assistance | People's Community Clinic - The People’s Community Clinic provides healthcare for the uninsured based on a sliding scale.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/patient-information/patient-portal/ Patient Portal | People's Community Clinic - The Patient Portal will allow many of you to access your personal health record information from home anytime of the day.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/ Our Programs | People's Community Clinic - Learn more about the programs & services of People's Community Clinic.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adolescent/ Adolescent | People's Community Clinic - People’s adolescent health department offers robust services for this population from family planning and social support for young families to chronic illness care and behavioral health programs.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adolescent/center-for-adolescent-health/ Center for Adolescent Health | People's Community Clinic - The Center for Adolescent Health provides specialized care for low-income, underserved teens in Central Texas.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adolescent/goals-program/ GOALS Program | People's Community Clinic - The GOALS Program is a developmental, behavioral and primary care program that promotes optimal developmental functioning, wellness and success for youth ages 4-19. Diagnostic evaluation and treatment services are included as an essential part of overall physical and mental health.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adolescent/tandem-teen-prenatal-and-parenting-program/ Tandem Teen Prenatal & Parenting Program | People's Community Clinic - Teen parents often face overwhelming economic and social challenges. They have an increased risk of dropping out of school, and teen mothers are more likely to be single parents—a condition associated with higher rates of poverty.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/ Adult | People's Community Clinic - The patients under the care of our adult providers are among the most challenging of all of the clinic’s patients. That’s why the Adult Medicine Department provides patients with a network of support to stay on top of their health and manage chronic conditions they may have.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/chronic-disease-management-program/ Chronic Disease Management Program | People's Community Clinic - At People’s, managing chronic conditions is a team effort. The Chronic Disease Management Program works to improve the healthcare outcomes of patients with Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Pediatric/Adolescent Asthma, and Hypertension.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/health-education-department/ Health Education Department | People's Community Clinic - Health educators seek to motivate and enable patients to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for improving and maintaining their health.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/integrated-behavioral-health/ Integrated Behavioral Health | People's Community Clinic - The mission of the Integrated Behavioral Health Program (IBH) is two-fold: to provide effective, evidence-based behavioral health services to patients with mental health issues and to increase the skill and comfort level of primary care providers in addressing mental health concerns.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/nutrition-education/ Nutrition Education | People's Community Clinic - The Nutrition Education Program is dedicated to empowering patients to make long-lasting lifestyle changes that will improve their health. Most of the patients participating in the program suffer from diabetes or are at risk of developing it.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/adult/gynecology/ Gynecology | People's Community Clinic - Our gynecology department helps local women and families build wellness. For many women, their annual well-woman exam is the only medical care they receive regularly.
  • https://www.austinpcc.org/our-programs/pediatrics/ Pediatrics | People's Community Clinic - Caring for young children takes a village. People’s Pediatrics Department offers comprehensive, coordinated care for infants, toddlers, and young children.

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