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  • Amazon Customer - Quick solution to an irritating problem

    My new truck's OEM antenna was hitting the garage door every time I pulled in or backed out. I found reference to this antenna online and for $25 figured it would be worth a try. It was a quick, easy swap to remove the OEM antenna and replace it with this one. Now my antenna clears my garage door without scraping. I also have not noticed any issues with reception for local radio, satellite radio, OnStar, or GPS navigation.

  • Best Bentonite - Bait and switch. Very poor and misleading marketing practices.

    This product does not specify that there is an additional monthly fee to use the enhanced payroll. So, let me get this right; I paid extra for the privileged of making an additional monthly payment. Thanks but no thanks. Very poor and misleading marketing practices. I will never buy another QuickBooks product ever! And I will not be using this one.

  • lrchops - Very good unit

    The TV box works well and I really like the remote keypad feature with mouse. The only problem is the unit needs to be reset every time I use it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. It is not completely compatible with my new Visio 60" TV. It works perfectly fine on the old VIsio so it must be the TV. Overall I would buy this unit again. Much better than the MXQ.

  • L. Myers - A quality product, at a reasonable price.

    Before I retired, I was a computer hardware/software engineer, and for the last 20 years I owned a computer sale & service company - I was also a certified HP, and other printer brands, technician, in support of my customers. Well, my 20 year old LJ 1020 again needed toner, but many companies wanted more than I paid for the printer, but then I found LD Products and gave them a try. Installation, operation, and quality of print have all been O.E.M. quality. They have my business now.

  • Michael Sands - Turns D- cabinets into a C+ or better.

    If you have dull, faded cabinets with scratches, worn off finish, gouges and other damage, it will make the problems much less noticeable but cannot work miracles. In areas without damage, the product really can restore an old finish the look almost new.

  • rae's reviews - Nice lights

    These are great lights, the base or stake for the light is thicker than what you find at the dept. stores. The light base is more of a modern look, if you will and makes it a really nice look. These lit up right out of the box so I could see how they work and they are pretty bright. A nice box and in my opinion a nice gift for a new homeowner. Great for a little added security around your yard. I recommend