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  • Nick - Definitely worked for me.

    I'm 26 now and have been slowly shedding my hair ever since I was about 20. I knew one day I would have to do something about it but just kept putting it off until the last couple years it really started escalating. I tried rogain foam for a few months and didn't notice a difference in the hair loss. I then switched over to rogain extra strength which turned out to be the biggest mistake possible. I was easily losing 300-400 hairs a day on that stuff. I could just pinch with my finger and thumb and have at least 15 hairs come out with it!

  • West Coast Girl - Works on spiders too!

    Years ago I paid for the Fleabusters company to spray my home, and then I discovered I could do it myself. Twenty years ago when I had cats, it was a life saver. This is safe around your pets and I use a plastic shaker I bought at the dollar store to spread it around. It has no scent and I haven't seen any live spiders inside my apartment since.

  • Theresa Whitcomb - Great Battery I think, you tell me.

    Used this for about a week and it kept my phone charged. What originally got me to look for a battery bank was that I don't have a hooked up 12 volt accessory in the car. The person who installed the stereo (previous owner) forgot to hook up the 12 volt accessory plugs. A rookie mistake when installing a stereo. I've done it once and never again. Anyway, so this battery bank has basically kept my phone charged up for a week or so. I even got a solar charger should I need to charge the battery in an emergency, or just the phone directly (when there's direct sun available), but I'm mostly charging it up via my computer. It might not have a light like some of the others do, but I liked the 1500mAh claim. I'm checking with a meter to see if that's anywhere near true. I've hard usually that's about 80% true, and that's good enough for me, especially since it's kept my phone charged up for a week without a recharge till now.

  • katie B - Yummy!

    Yummy, tastes just like the original only sugar free. But buyer be warned this cause diarrhea when consumed in large quantities.

  • Charles E Donahue Jr - Not what they say

    They said you don't have to change any of your habits then you read the instructions and you have to excersize and eat like a rabbit . I do eccersize and eat a lot less but it don't do what they say. I have been using this product and haven't lost a thing for over a month.

  • Justin Wilson - Works Great

    This product works great. I have a light weight picture hanging with these strips. It has been up for about a year and had no issues with it. They are a better solution then nails or double sided tape.