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Alivia Technology :: Transforming Data Into Action - Alivia Technology is an established technology firm that provides the financial industry with technology solutions to their business problems. We do work from recreating trading systems to voice analysis.Alivia also provides a platform that will bring state of the art analytic capabilities to the desktop in a manner that will promote the use of analytics across the spectrum of government, industry, and education. Harness the power of distributive technologies, machine learning, and predictive a

  • http://www.aliviatechnology.com/request-for-services/ Alivia Capital :: Transforming Financial Technology - A Global Payments Network for efficient accounts receivable financing to generate working capital. TALON is distributed through banks and financial institutions. Alivia Capital’s TALON network standardizes the purchase order, invoicing and invoice financing processes.
  • http://www.aliviatechnology.com/Absolute-Insight-Platform Absolute Insight - Absolute Insight is a predictive analitics system that is made to make data analytics simple and easi. It makes all your analysts your best analyst. We call it data scientist in a box. We use big data and machine learning algorithms to assist our customers in analytics and data mining.
  • http://www.aliviatechnology.com/professional-services/healthcare-analytics Healthcare Analytics - provides Aboslute insight a product to identify risk, fraud, waste and abuse. It is applied to healthcare, financial and intelligence.
  • http://www.aliviatechnology.com/data-science-services Data Science Services - Alivia’s Data Science practice focuses on building analytics and a Big Data strategy for businesses in Insurance, Healthcare, Hi-Technology, and Government domains
  • http://www.aliviatechnology.com/cloud-services Cloud Services - Whether you’re a startup or a mature enterprise, a web business or a government, you can’t ignore the massive disruptions that cloud computing brings to how we build, deploy, and run IT. We’ve worked closely with companies of all shapes and sizes on their IT strategy.

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  • Tain L Barzso - Oh my God, it's full of stars.

    When I opened my eyes, I was stunned speechless by the breathtaking clarity; 1080P had transformed into what seemed to be a gateway into something never before imaginable; infinite black, infinite color, and infinite picture. As I watched my own life pass before my eyes, I felt that the cable itself was judging me. I lost track of where the TV began and I ended.

  • Zina - Love this brand

    Love SoundPeats brand Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. They pair easily and have great sound. I was really impressed with the way they sounded while I listened to my music. They are easy to charge and come with a charging cable. They ear pieces are magnetic and fit snugly into the neck piece while not in use. They are made of quality materials and will last a while. I compared the sound to my Dr. Dre beats earbuds and I can honestly say they were very comparable to the sound that I got out of the beats earbuds. I would not pay the extra money on any other bluetooth headphones when you can get just as good a sound out of these. I listen to a ton of music and the charge lasts for hours. The buttons are well placed on this device and easy to use. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • Tayler Bergstrom - It could be better. The glow in the dark factor is pretty ...

    It could be better. The glow in the dark factor is pretty weak and it doesn't glide as well as others I have seen. Not really worth the glow-in-the-dark factor over movability.

  • Miguel C. - Tommaso Imola great bike for anyone

    Tommaso Imola great bike for anyone. i riding bout 3 years by now, i rode GIANT, TREK, SPECILIZED, FUJI and Now i got a full carbon FELT for triathlon so i was looking for a 3 bike so ican use it for training, Tommaso Imola is a great high quality bike for such a cheap price im in Puerto Rico were road are not well pavemented and this bike take the hit as a high price bikes....

  • Hiram Little - WP-100 Does the job!

    Wow! I'm really impressed! I've had trouble cleaning under my bridge. I can fish floss under there and clean it good, but it takes a lot of time. Now I just blast it clean in minutes. It does a good job of cleaning my back teeth. I've never been totally satisfied with just flossing. Now they feel perfectly clean. I love this device! It doesn't replace flossing. It does a great job under the gums, but I still feel cleaner after flossing. It's great as a between brushing "touchup". I recommend it to anyone. My mouth hasn't felt this clean in years. I feel like I've come from the Dentist after a cleaning. Thats a great feeling to have every day.