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  • Amazon Customer - Blue capsules undigestable!!

    I was taking lipozene for a week, twice a day, I started to feel nausea for a couple days, had a lot of diarrhea, I had to puke at work and a hard blue lump come out of my stomach. I had not eaten anything blue in weeks, it was the blue plastic around the capsules! Do not buy, its dangerous! I didn't even lose one pound.

  • Hazen - Kava Kava

    This product is good enough I am not even going to try another brand. Unless I can somehow come across the actual root at a decent price. Two of these tablets, I take it with Velarian root, and you will not be able to stay awake. The longer I have taken them the better quality sleep I seem to be getting. I know it isn't meant for long terms use but after going down the benzo, and Ambien, route it is a miracle for me to be sleeping again.

  • 2rallan - Works fine

    I have a large area of tile floors and had been looking for something that would get the grout clean as well as the floors. The Bissell Steam and Sweep is easy to set up and use -- it just uses water (preferably filtered). Once I got the hang of using it, it cleaned well. I did need to change pads part-way through.

  • Dianne O - TRY IT

    This is the first review I've ever written...that's how much I love this thing. If you've used a Neti Pot, then you should have no problem with this. Once you learn how to use it properly, the entire process should take no more than 15 seconds. The most time consuming part if the clean up (I live in an area with hard water, so I dry mine REALLY well to avoid calcium/lime build up).

  • MMart - Trimmer is great

    This trimmer met all my expectations... it's easy to use.. powerful.. and the on/off switch is very convienient when using it.. I have a beard that I like to get creative with.. and the om/off switch makes it easy to stop and check the progress of my latest design without worrying about messing it up because of a mistake handleing the trimmer!

  • Anton - Overhyped

    This game is not that great. There are less than 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are not well thought out and they are not that big. There is only one item in each battle pack and there is no longer attachments in the battle packs. All the guns come with free selection of the attachments. All you can get are skins and XP. It takes so long to level up. If you get like 8k-10k XP in one match you only gain half a level and that match took a half an hour. If you pay for 5 hours at one time you could gain a few levels only and that takes way too long. The single player stories are limited in that there is not much to do. All you do is follow a path, kill some people, and that is it. It follows the same mechanic as the other battlefield games, which is boring