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  • http://www.99tcmpharmacy.com/../exogenous_pathogen.htm Traditional Chinese Medicine | Exogenous Pathogen Dispelling - TCM formulas for exogenous pathogen. Pathogen dispelling relies upon a strategy of offense, whereby therapy is directed toward virtual expulsion of the pathogen.
  • http://www.99tcmpharmacy.com/../summer_clearing.htm Traditional Chinese Medicine | Summerheat | Summerheat-Damp | Summertime Wind-Cold | Clearing - TCM formulas for Summerheat, Summerheat-Damp, and Summertime Wind-Cold Clearing. The seasonal nature of summerheat is the primary factor that distinguishes it from pathogens with non-seasonal etiology. However the basic therapeutic approaches to seasonal and non-seasonal disorders due to thermia and damp are similar: clear heat, and when necessary, drain daamp.
  • http://www.99tcmpharmacy.com/breath_natural35141.htm 99 TCM Pharmacy | Traditional Chinese Medicine | Breath Natural | Bi Min Gan Wan - Use for helping allergic rhinitis, hayfever, perennial rhinitis. This formula is basically used for helping acute attacks of sneezing, nasal congestion and discharge with non specific heat or cold signs.

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  • S. Smith - Highly recommend

    I have very dark brown hair. It is difficult to get me bleached to very blonde. There is always a residual yellow cast that I have to deal with. This shampoo makes a real difference. Even though the directions don't recommend daily use I do use it daily and have never gotten a purple color on my hair. It is a gentle shampoo and seems to even improve my hair's condition. I like the conditioner as well.

  • C. Jones - Really cleans floors easily!!!

    I got tired of the dirty edges along my walls from using the wet jet mop and pads. I was just moving dirt around and not really picking a bunch up. Turns out I wasn't using the right tool for the job! I had to empty the water bucket a lot the first time I used this.... but now the difference in my floors is AMAZING! No more dirty floor edges to spray and clean up with a paper towel... (ewww!) Now I use this mop, a bucket of water and swish around, scrubbing the edges and the whole floor is clean. It picks up all the dirt, when the water gets dirty, change it out and the job gets easier and easier as you use the mop! Now one bucket of water cleans the whole floor once a week... I have 3 inside dogs and 2 cats.... I even ordered a spare one so I could throw one in the washer while I use the other to never miss a time I want to clean the floors.

  • Brittany - Worked for me

    I started Taking these pills after my fitness coach recommended them. So far I have lost 7 pounds and the crazy thing is I haven't really been exercising or anything I just cut down my food intake. I have never lost any weight using previous pills from my past but these pills have worked for me. I think everybody's body reacts differently. I will continue to use these pills and if I lose my desired weight goal then I will post an update later.