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  • Dave - Old Technology

    I used to use binders to keep my women in but the whole process got to be so unwieldy once you had more than a couple dozen so I've gone to keeping my women in a flash drive.

  • jmitchell - Great product, way to spend time with kids.

    Having a blast collecting these coins with my daughter. Wish they had a spot for alternate mint but so far it's an amazing product for starring a new hobby with my kiddos. Large format makes it easy to see and hang if you want to. Sturdy construction just try not to rub corners as it is a cardboard folder

  • Fern - VERY FUN board....versatile and easy to ride

    i have half a dozen boards: Loaded (Vanguard and Dervish), and Landyachtz (Chinook, Drop Speed, Bamboo Pinner) and ...now the Switch...it is amazing!!

  • C.C. - 47% Durable

    Oh the disappointment! I searched the inter-webs far and wide for just the right place to hide my womanly self, and I thought I had found it in this Avery binder. But, alas, I poorly misjudged the size, and durability. At only 47% durable, I could barely fit 2 feet in it before it started to give. So, what am I, a mere woman to do? Return it? Order another one? I wish the political candidate had been more specific on which proper size/shape/color of binder is best. I'm disappointed, vulnerable, and lost. Maybe putting on my apron and high heels and throwing a roast in the oven will calm and comfort me. The hubs will be home soon...

  • gamer - Glide along smooth paved roads

    This is a very good bike. I am a casual biker. After a lot of research and trying some bikes in stores, I decided to go with this Bike. The bike is not that heavy weight and runs smoothly on paved roads. The bike is true to Hybrid definition ... runs smoother than a mountain bike on good roads with very little efforts. I got 

  • Tiju Daniel - My engine light came off after putting this into my ...

    My engine light came off after putting this into my gas tank. I drove it 15-20 miles at high rpm and flushed it out with 93 octain gas and my engine lights came off. I wouldn't be able to tell you if it cleaned my cat or not.

  • wyatt howard - Very satisfied with my purchase of bitdefender total security and the ...

    Very satisfied with my purchase of bitdefender total security and the live person support they provided with my install and sending me a link to completely uninstall previous anti-virus products was very much appreciated!!!