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  • Alex Harris - Dinesh D'Souza's prediction in 2012

    Dinesh D'Souza's prediction is spot on. Every American MUST watch his latest movie HILLARY'S AMERICA: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY before voting in Nov. America CANNOT afford a win by Hillary and the Democratic Party.

  • T. C. Baffy - Avast has been a great product for me.

    I am a computer professional that has over 30 years in the IT industry. I now teach network engineering classes and I recommend Avast to all of my students. Many of them need and inexpensive but effective malware protection solution and Avast fits that bill very nicely.

  • Jay Valente - Mid level woodworker

    Have not used it for any fine furniture yet, but it helped tremendously for several quick projects, and a large rebuild of the shop making both wall and rolling cabinets for tool storage. Not afraid of doing simple dovetail, box, mortise and tenon, etc. but for simple shop cabinets, the Kreg worked awesome, was super fast, and most importantly, created a super strong bond. As a test, I created a few joints with, and without glue, and I haven;t seen any significant difference (of course, the glued joints are stronger, but in a rolling shop cabinet/tool stand, no issues without glue).

  • Luke_M - Good product,but lied to

    This is not a bad product. Its quite functional for the price. However, one side of the watch band broke off and i have to glue it. Also, the seller lied to me. I asked if this watch supported android wear apps, the seller themsleves answered and told me it did. I get the product, and i find that it does not, and that it cannot connect to wifi. I enjoy the product, however i dont appreciate being lied to by the seller. Also, if you want an android wear smart watch, i reccomend a moto 360. Not this. Its a good product for the price,but try to find it through another seller.