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    These bluetooth earphones are wonderful! I was so tired of the apple ear buds falling out of my ears. Those earbuds are no good unless you are sitting completely still and did I mention that they tangle? ALL THE TIME. I needed another option and I always have my iphone with me to begin with so why not use my included bluetooth feature? I found these earphones and they work completely off bluetooth and the only wire they have goes behind your head just to connect the two earpieces. These work so well and hold a charge for about 7 hours. The sound is clear and they are loud and you can easily change the song and volume through the buttons on the earpiece. I can ride a horse and these stay in place and I do not have to worry about losing one. So these definitely can work for running because the silicone piece that goes behind your ear helps to keep the earpiece in place.

  • Melissa Burns - Get your closet organized!

    This set of space saver bags has everything you need. There are 15 bags in various sizes. This makes it easy to find the perfect bag for what you need. I purchased these bags so that I could store extra bedding and pillows that we only use when company comes over to stay. They take up so much space! What I found in this set is that I can use these for so much more! The bags are very easy to use. I have used these several times and have not had any problems with them. I can very easily use the vacuum to suck out all the air. I like that they also provide I hand pump for when we are traveling. I always come home with may more stuff after shopping! I did have one bag that wasn't working very well. All I had to do was contact the seller and they were so great! They replaced the bag quickly and were very nice to work with. I love that these bags come with a satisfaction guarantee! I can feel confident that I will get the high quality product they promise!

  • Denise - Quickbooks Pro 2014 for The Small Business

    I just upgraded from QuickBooks 2011, and it only took a few minutes for me to adjust to the differences. I don't use every feature, but I do use payroll on 2 accounts, and I like that the past history of employee paychecks shows up when I'm doing payroll. This feature is also on Payroll Liabilities, so when I'm doing taxes I am sure to see if I happened to miss a payment. I am sure as I use the software more, I will see other improved features, and hopefully soon I will have the time to actually read about all the improvements. Over all I am a QuickBooks Fan, and have been using the software for the last 8 years. QuickBooks is a huge improvement over my old "almost DOS" accounting software! Thanks for your great product, and all your employees who are always helpful, and never laugh at my sometimes idiotic "user" problems.

  • ss782 - Absolutely does not work!

    Scrubbed the floors with Bona, then checked their cleanliness with a wet Swiffer. Ugh! It was as if I hadn't cleaned at all. Definitely would not recommend wasting your money on this product.

  • SueQ - It was fun watching her and my 17 yr

    Gift for my daughter since she "had" to ask for it for Xmas since it has a 1 Direction and Five Seconds of Summer song on it. It was fun watching her and my 17 yr. old son dancing the game together on X-mas day - got it on tape. Havn't seen her play it again yet though... personally, I liked the old "plastic mat" version.