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  • JoslynM - Just ok

    This book was pretty boring to me. I love this Author's work and the prior two books in this series werr the bomb.com. This one however was filled with sex scenes and had really no substance to me. The drama wasn't really there and lots of parts to me were just like blah nothing. The bitching from Tiny annoyed me. In short it wasnt the worse but not the best I've seen from this Author. She's really good and set the standards high for herself so im looking forward to her coming out with some more heat but this wasnt it. Patiently waiting for the next release.

  • Alisa - Very slow process!

    This product would be perfect for young children who dislike getting their nails trimmed. It's a good option compared to nail clippers that some kids hate. It definitely works, although is a bit slow of a process. Have to say I'm not completely thrilled with this product. Yes it works, it is slow. I feel like it roughed up my nails and didn't smooth as the packaging/instructions stated. Honestly, I think I'll stick with my good old nail clippers and a nail file. Received this product in exchange for review to test out. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

  • Lololi Speaks - I like it but it doesnt impress my curls.....

    This product, I brought with the Hydrate My curls, which I LOVE........ I dont care for this, too much. I am in love with all the charactheristics of it, texture, scent and purpose but for my hair its nothing but a greasier version of the Hydrate My Curls... It doesn't add definition any more than the HMC does.

  • NDIrish11 - Way better than 2012

    The cover is more substantial, the pages receive highlighters much better than 2012 edition, and the color-on-every-page makes it so much easier to use and read than 2011 edition. If you're in your first two years and don't use First Aid by now, you should. Furthermore, 2013 is the issue to go with. Errata from 2012 has all been corrected, and I haven't seen any egregious typos or errors so far.

  • Martha T. Gregory - Near-Cure for floaters

    Great Product! Really works to nearly eliminate "floaters" and "flashers" that Doctor says, "nothing can be done; have to learn to live with"!!!

  • Ronald Ashley - messy and hard to apply but use the below instructions

    This caulk is really a mess to put on. But reading other review to use blue painting tape and a wet finger - water from the shower stall why not - and it does go on pretty good

  • Aila - Well Organized, Concise Review w/ Practice Exams

    This has to be one of the best test prep books I've come across for the GRE. I've taken the GRE before (and did well on it) but my scores just expired and I'm finally applying to grad school. I'm on a tight schedule with only a month before I take the GRE. This book makes it a lot less intimidating to jump back into the material.