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  • nyterae - Its Archie all over again

    This is a great new version of the Archie comics of old they have the same type of drama that came with the original comics. I read them as a young adult and now I'm reading them again go figure the same stuff after 53 years for me LOLOLO I recommend them to the young adults of today to see if they can relate like I did when I was in school. This was a Kindle down load for free with my Amazon Prime account thank you

  • Frank - Works Great.. IF you use it correctly.

    This handwarmer works great and i will be buying at least two more. Dis-regard all the "It won't light" or "It leaks" feed back. They don't know what they're doing. There is no visible flame because it works by "burning" the vapors. If you're unsure, ignite it in low light and you'll see the burner glow like an ember. And if you try to light it Immeadiately after filling it for the first time... You deserve to get burned.

  • 2the19thT - Kindle Version Messed Up

    Just received (Oct 17 2016) the Kindle version for my Android tablet last night, so I haven't read much of it. I'm excited to dive deeper into Jason Fung's work after watching some of his video presentations. I will report back after I completely read the book but I wanted to get an initial review up early as I want to alert potential Kindle purchasers of the quirky Kindle version. Periodically, throughout the book there will be bold text indicating a Fasting Super Star (maybe not those exact words I don't have the Kindle book in front of me while I'm writing this review), like Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, etc... It looks like there is going to be some information about them but there's nothing, just a continuation of the particular subject being written about at that point. But then, while perusing other sections in the Kindle book I came upon a section where all those Fasting Super Stars appear, with their pictures. I don't know what the problem is but so far it looks like the complete Kindle book is there, it is just sort of jumbled.

  • Luv to read - Save your money

    Poor,poor,poor reception. Much background noise. I guess this is a perfect example of you get what you pay for...

  • Silvers - Before and After pictures are obviously fake

    I have yet to see a before and after picture that are taken with the same focus and the same lighting. Why are all the before pictures extremely focused and in detail, and all the after pictures are all softened, off focus, and with different lighting?

  • Kevin - Car camera

    Excellent product, well worth the money! Only moan would be the playback sound quality but can live with that. The double camera and split screen is excellent, if everybody had one of these and played it back each time you've used it there would be a lot less accidents on the road especially when u watch ur self driving

  • Chickie - Outdated

    I purchased this product thinking it was current. As it turned out, this version was not as current as the automatic updates I received over the course of the year. I returned it but did get a full refund (minus shipping). I chose a product from a different company.