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  • Jaybee - Great Stuff!

    Great Stuff!! Most Test booster give me headaches or stomach cramps, but test freak is a very clean T booster and I got some nice gains off this stuff!!

  • David Rosgaard - 2007 Toyota Tacoma

    Perfect fit and easy to install. The original (Toyota) mudflaps had a sharp transition in the moulding, where they cracked apart. These (by Husky) have smoother mould lines than the original equipment where they fit in the fender well, so I suspect they will weather better.

  • Margie G. - Neutropenia rapid wrinkle repair

    I've used this for over a month and have not seen positive results. However, it is a light, easy-to-apply moisturizer with a light fragrance, so I will continue to use it. I just wish there was more content in the bottle. It goes quickly, even though I use "the size of a pearl" as directed.

  • jose benavides - Organic and leaves your teeth feeling cleaner than you ever have before.

    I love how when you put this on your teeth your teeth look horrid and then you brush it in with a toothbrush and your teeth look new. First you should brush with your regular toothpaste and then with this . This stuff is all natural and works great. I love organic with no chemicals. I love the jar it comes in to keep the ingredients protected. This Teeth Charcoal Whitening by Tuxedo really does work . It leaves my teeth whiter and feeling smooth and polished for days. My mouth feels cleaner than it ever has before. I have not had any negative reactions to this product . I love this product and wish I would have known about this years ago so I could have kept my teeth healthier. I received this product for free to test and try out, to give feedback on the quality. This review is my honest opinion.

  • keepitanonymous - Great price!

    I've only been using this product about a week, but I think I am already seeing a difference. I like the consistency and feel of this cream and it absorbs into my skin quickly. I hate creams that sit on top of the skin and take forever to sink in. I will note that this product leaves my skin a little oily, so I only use it at night. I have purchased several other skin care products from Majestic Pure and they've all been high quality and effective. Compared to comparable products, the price is great too! I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Kyrtin Atreides - Healthy, cheap, effective, 6 months proven

    We've been taking this every day for a few months now, and while we noticed the biggest difference going from not taking B-12 supplements to taking these I'm quite positive that my wife and I have benefited from the continued use of these very affordable little daily supplements. They're just as affordable as many of the nasty little Cyano-type B-12 supplements that do just as much harm as good, which you'll find in brands which are supposed to be very health conscious, such as Whole Food's store brand "365", which has a laundry list of vitamin supplements that all contain Cyano-B-12.