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  • Carrie - at least maybe look like it's moister

    I wish this stuff left the skin under my eye a little moister after using, at least maybe look like it's moister. It's very dry in AZ right now, but sometimes I've put it on 4 or 5 times in one day on a very long day when I'm out of the house for 12+ hours. Overall I like it.

  • Valerie B. Lull - Excellent!

    I have been having credit problems and I picked up this volume in the new books section of the library. It is a real eye-opener. I did not know all this stuff about credit and how much it impacts ones life. This information about credit and finances should be taught to the children in school so they will know how to manage their financial lives.

  • DON'T be confused! - DON'T be confused!

    The paperback edition of "Aesop's Fables" should NOT be confused with the Hardcover edition of the same name, that other reviews on this page refer to. While I think the illustrations are quite lovely and the fables familiar, I (probably through no one's fault but my own), did not get what I expected. There are only 13 fables, some of which are little more than a few lines long, and there is no additional commentary or context. The price is reasonable for what it is, but this is not a soft cover edition of the hard cover of the same name!

  • Bubba Lay - A video game you won't be embarrassed to share during conversations.

    Love the game. One of the best ways to learn guitar. Not saying that you'll become a professional of music theory, but definitely awesome to keep you going. One thing I did find awkward is that it starts you off very very simple mode, which the songs in the end aren't as simple at all. Just remember that it's all about practice. Other tools, I use daily is Yousician and I spend at least 1hour between all 3. It's all about being consistent with practice like everyone says. Ever since actually putting in the effort, I started with 15-30 mins a day, I'm able to hit notes faster, read notes, and hear the differences in the sounds. Not great at it yet, but it's coming along. So definitely, if you want to play a game get this game because, you can show off your skills when you're out with friends instead of telling them about your other games.

  • Spokensoftly - Very Good Product!

    I'd been using MnT conditioner for some time and picked up this product on a whim the last time I restocked. I was amazed to discover that it was an excellent defrizzing product for my fine,soft, ultracurly hair. It does strengthen my hair in the sense that it reinforces it thereby reducing the absorbtion of humidity and minimizing shrinkage. I recommend this product for anyone with fine hair, particularly if it tends toward fluffy-soft.

  • Brian A Collins - Same old ghost-hunting schtick. Nothing new.

    Apparently, the friends and family elves have been busy writing reviews! Based on all the 5-star ratings, I watched this last night.

  • Floyd E. Harris - msa30X

    This hearing aid may work for some but for me there was far too much background noise which I could not eliminate. None of the ear pieces caused the excessive background noise to disappear nor would turning the volume to minimum. I was hoping this item could be used to hear lectures and conversations but unfortunately the inability to eliminate the background noise made it unusable.