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  • Amaryllis - WOW!

    My hair loves this stuff! I have 4B curls and love using this for a twist out. It's SO moisturizing and keeps my hair really soft. It doesn't flake or leave my hair dry, stiff or brittle! It smells amazing as well!! It's expensive but i'm hooked!

  • Benjamin Sell - Worked for me

    After I had work done on my car after an accident the dealer installed a remanned power steering rack on my '05 Golf. Not more than a year or so later it began leeking. Ive had to replace several tie rods to avoid the much more expensive job of replacing the rack again.

  • FLConsumer - Real Deal!

    Finally the grass seeds that would grow fast and furious. I have noticed the first grass coming out only after 24 hours, 5 days later entire area shows green young grass. I will add more after few weeks after I see how it looks when matures. So far so good. I put some Scott's coated grass, and nothing grew out of that...I would recommend Jonathan Green to anybody.

  • P. Scott Lebert, Ph.D. - The HP-2010 is a cut above the standard filters for ...

    The HP-2010 is a cut above the standard filters for the small V8s found in the Marquis/Crown Vic. My only caution is it requires a little finesse to properly position it on the oil boss. Make absolutely sure you remove the electrical low oil level clip and be patient when you maneuver the filter through the suspension components. The filter is slightly larger (diameter) from the standard filter. The installation took place with weight on wheels. It may be completely different if you utilize a lift to unload the suspension components.

  • Michelle Pardy - Quality and affordable makeup brushes

    As a professional makeup artist I am always on the look out for quality and affordable Makeup items. I love these Premium Kabuki makeup brushes! I am very impressed with the quality of the brushes. I normally use another high end brand and these work just as well as those ones do, if not a little better for some of them. I like the thicker kabuki style makeup brushes so I was happy to find a set that had so many of them together, it's awesome. The brushes feel very nice on the skin and do not tug on the eyes either which is great to help prevent wrinkles. The foundation brush applied my foundation flawlessly this morning and I have absolutely no complaints. These feel very well made and like they will last a long time if properly cared for. They would be a great set for beginners or even more advanced makeup users who want some backup brushes for when they don't get to clean their regular ones. I can see myself reaching for these a lot, they really are great quality and affordable brushes.

  • Michelle Niedermeyer - love it

    web root is the very best in internet security........ while everyone is using free AVG, Norton, trend micro ( i do not like at all) or any other top of the line anti virus... i love web root the best... install it and forget it................ it updates on it own, scans on its own, and everything...... i would never use any other.......web root is the best

  • J. Barentz - Nice and Comfortable

    I bought these shoes to pair with the Shimano PD-T400 CLICK'R Clipless Pedals and they work great together. They fit true to size for me, I wear a 10.5 US and the 45 EUR size is a great fit. I can't say these shoes are as walkable as a standard athletic shoe, but walking in them feels fine with no discomfort. They look and feel like an athletic shoes, but clip in to pedals, perfect!