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  • D. Peterson - Great item for a Media PC

    I wanted a small and inexpensive Media PC and started out by ordering the latest Android G-Box box but returned it cause it just "wasn't ready for Prime Time" when it came to VPN overseas/regional/restricted media streaming.

  • Pearltrader - Old friend

    I tried to use other "office" type software for a couple of years. I'm back. Nothing better, although some of the bells and whistles get in the way. I'll put up with them for the familiar office environment.

  • vintageward - Bell town hurrah

    Living in the SeaTac area for twenty some years made this short story special. Not only was it full of action but had a human aspect as well. Good job.

  • C. M. Briggs - The only game in town for dial up

    My favorite anti virus continues to be sunbelt from Viper - but you can only get that now as a download. If you're on dial up, forget about it. Kaspersky is very good - although, with dialup, it takes forever to get your updates. Still, a great product and upgrades are free to their customers. I used to rate it at four star. Now I rate it at five stars. It's caught several bugs and the price includes a license for three machines. Good value. good protection.

  • RMartin - Does exactly what it claims to but...

    Rust-Oleum's Neverwet does exactly what it claims to but with one caveat. I've yet to actually find a real use for it. One thing I tried it on is an electrical meter that stays outside all of the time, but is not waterproof. I don't know why they didn't make it waterproof since it's designed for an outside application but whatever. I followed the directions and everything went perfectly. The problem is now I can't see through the Neverwet to see what the reading on the meter is. Okay, it's useless for that application. So next I tried it on my workboots. Just like the other reviewers, it went on and did everything it's supposed to. If I sprayed water on the boots, the water was repelled. Great! They're black boots, brand new and the Neverwet turned them blue. I can live with that. Next I tried actually working with the boots on. I went outside one morning to cut my grass. It was a particularly dewey morning so the grass was soaked with water. At first the boots repelled the water. Then after about 1/2 hour of grass trimming with a weedeater, I looked at the boots. The Neverwet was coming off of the boots due to the abrasion of the grass. I would have to say that Neverwet's durability rating is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 100. I have a couple of half used cans of Neverwet here if anybody is interested. Maybe you can find a practical use for it.

  • Rock Noise Animations - KOOL SOFEWARE ROCKS!!!

    As animator, I am always looking for sofeware to achieve excellence in my productions. I need something to create backgrounds and characters, at reasonable cost. The program also works with other programs such as CS4 ToonBoom Studio & Animate & FLASH. The tool menu are easy to use and great to handle, using the stylus is like using the real tool with real control. I sugguest download the trial version before purchasing. Corel Draw X does not compare to the ease of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 11. I wish the can add folders to layers, and batch import like tga, tiff and so on. There is no downside to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro can also be APP on the IPAD. iTS WORTH IT!!!

  • Mica L. Marsh - Found My New Datebook

    Love it Love it Love it! Just enough room to make daily notes....great articles and the sky information is most informative.